How to Make a Personal Injury Claim After a Motor Accident

personal Injury Claim a Motor Accident

If a motor accident has left you injured, your inability to go back to work and pay for your medical treatment are burdensome enough to disrupt your life. In such situations, your only consolation is the thought that since the accident was not a result of your own negligence, you have the right to make a personal injury claim. If you know you are entitled to compensation but do not know how to go about the process, you have come to the right place. In this article from the car accident lawyers in Adelaide, we will discuss the steps to make a personal injury claim in Australia.

Step 1: Report the accident and the injury you sustained

Following a motor accident, the first thing you need to do is to notify the police about the incident. If the accident took place in a public place, you should also notify the authorities about your injuries. But if the accident happened in your workplace, you should notify your employer first before informing the authorities.

Step 2: Look for a doctor who can support your claim

The only person authorized to confirm your injuries following a road accident is a medical professional. Once you have informed the authorities about the accident, seek the advice of your doctor and obtain a medical certificate confirming that you have sustained injuries and hence are entitled to a personal injury compensation.

Step 3: Make a claim

The most important thing about lodging a claim is that you do it with the relevant authority and in the right manner. For instance, if the accident took place in your workplace, you should make a claim to your employer so he can grant you a worker’s compensation. If it’s a motor accident in a public place, you can lodge a claim for a motor accident by applying for compensation with the insurance company of the driver at fault. First of all, you must have Gutachten Frankfurt to know the exact damages that happened to your car.

Step 4: Seek legal advice

While making a claim with the right authority, it is best to seek legal advice from a car accident lawyer. By doing so you will get to know what compensation you are entitled to and how you are going to go about the process. You may have to wait for up to 28 business days to know whether your claim was accepted or rejected. If your claim gets rejected, having a legal professional working with you like The Dominguez Firm will make it easier for you to explore your other options to obtain compensation. If you are hurt in New Jersey, it is best to consult with legal professionals like new jersey personal injury attorneys from Rosengard Law Group. They are experts in fighting for maximum injury claims.

Step 5: Get treated

Do not wait for the process to be completed before you receive all the treatments you need following the accident. While your pursuance of a claim for personal injury is ongoing, get all the treatments you need, as recommended by your physician.

Step 6: Get compensated

After 28 business days at most, you will hear from the relevant authority whether you will be granted compensation or not. If your claim is accepted, you will be awarded damages for your injuries, loss of income, medical expenses, domestic care, and other damages arising from the accident. It is best to consult with a legal professional to know if the compensation given to you is equivalent to your actual entitlements.


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