How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More


Whatever line of business you are in, you need to make sure that your customers have a reason to come back to you over and over again. Customers can get easily distracted by the competition if they have an offer, promotion, or new products. You want to make sure that you keep their attention, and it is your goods or services that catch their eye.

Even the really big companies who have standard inventories, introduce seasonal or special offers throughout the year. Even the likes of Mcdonald’s are always adding extras to their menus, be it a vegetarian special or a wrap of the month. They also offer price promotions or collect x number of stamps on a loyalty card to get a free coffee.

The fashion industry offers a more extreme version of this with shops only stocking this season’s items and everything not sold having its price slashed. A company like Nike is constantly creating new versions of its popular lines. Sometimes these are a limited-edition celebrity-endorsed version of their shoes. The rarer they are the more their customer base wants to own a pair.

The gambling industry is also very good at refreshing its content to keep its customers interested. Online casinos are always introducing new games and partnering with the latest popular trend to create new games. The new slot sites are constantly refreshed both in terms of graphics, playability, and the prizes that are on offer.

All successful businesses employ these techniques. They fall into the categories of product development and promotion. Even if you aren’t constantly innovating new products or have a standard service that you offer, you can still keep your content fresh in-store or on your website.

Here are some simple steps to follow to ensure your customers keep coming back for more.

Email marketing

Make sure that you are collecting your customers’ email addresses and ensure that they permit you to contact them in the future. You will then be able to send them communications about your latest product ranges or tailor specific offers to them.

Remember a promotion doesn’t only need to be money off. You can offer things like free delivery over an order worth x amount, or even use a stock item that is moving slowly as an incentive to go with a newer more exciting product. Loyalty schemes are also well worth having, allowing customers to earn points when they shop with you and then giving them back a voucher to use in your store.

You can import data into a client mail server like MailChimp and create emails that reflect your brand values. Don’t forget to segment your data, so that you are not sending the same offer to everyone. If a customer is shopping regularly, they may not need such a generous offer as one who only visits occasionally.

Social Media

Make sure you have a good presence on social media and be sure to let your customer know about your handle whether it is on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. If you embed your social media feed into the home page of your website, you can keep your web content up to date and current. Every time you post a photo or video on your social media it will automatically update on your homepage, so even if you don’t have time to keep your blog page constantly updated, your website still won’t be static.


Ask customers to review the products or services that they purchased from you. In this internet age, people are always interested to see what other people think of your products or services. You can send them a link to a review website like Google Reviews or Trust Pilot. Not only will they appear on the third-party site, but they will also be available for your new and existing customers to see.

No one likes to get a bad review but if there is genuinely a problem it is better to know about it and put it right. Great reviews are of course, great and should generate additional sales all on their own. JustLikeAPI can help you monitor customer reviews on many platforms so that you’re always aware of the market sentiment. 


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