How to Keep Your AC Running Smoothly All Summer

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Summer comes with its enjoyable activities. Certainly, most of those activities are enjoyed at night time. However, the nighttime light, refreshing breeze does not exist during the day. Summer days can be very hot, and it can be irritating to boil with heat inside your house. Your AC can sometimes present some problems that you can avoid. During the summer, your AC is working restlessly, which will increase power costs, and tragically your cooling system can break down, leaving you in an unbearable situation. You need to know how to take care of your AC. Here are a few pointers to keep your air conditioner functioning properly throughout the summer. It’s that time of year when the air conditioner is working overtime. Following these easy procedures will help you avoid costly repairs and extend the life of your air conditioner.

1. Clean or replace your air filter every month for peak performance

It’s vital to maintain your air conditioning system every month. The life of your air conditioner can be shortened due to a lack of maintenance or cleaning. Why would you risk wasting energy, time, and money? Cleaning or replacing your air filters every month will make your AC reach its peak performance!

Air filters are responsible for preventing dust and allergens from spreading in your house. As a result of unclean and clogged filters, dirty air, including dust, is redistributed. Dust will be formed in your AC Air filters, but you need to constantly clean them or replace them to stop dirty air from spreading when the dust is piled up.

When your air filters get dirty, fresh cool air will not reach all your house areas, decreasing your AC’s performance. This will also cause your Air conditioner to use more power which will eventually be more costly.

2. Inspect your AC unit for any debris or obstructions that might cause it to overheat

Your Air conditioner unit should always be inspected. Most of the time, your AC can malfunction after a period of time,  which can cause it to overheat. The best advice is that you get professional assistance. You should contact a qualified HVAC technician in Athens who will make sure that your AC is properly functioning. Sometimes, problems might emerge, and you will have to call HVAC technicians from Comfort Crew, who also do AC installation in San Marcos. This is the best way to ensure you get the best service and your AC is handled properly. 

3. Make sure the outdoor compressor is free of any obstructions, such as weeds or leaves

Checking your outdoor unit is as important as every other aspect of ensuring your AC reaches its peak performance. At the start of every summer, you should check your outdoor compressor. Turning a blind eye on a dirty compressor will limit the efficiency of your AC system. Your AC will need more energy to function at the level of your needs. It will defiantly cost you money, alongside risking the malfunction of your Air Compressor. So! clean your unit efficiently. Then, you should ensure that the area surrounding your unit is clean, and you are to clear any yard debris or overgrowth from the base of the unit.

4. Keep the indoor temperature at 78 degrees or cooler to save on energy costs

I know that you want to feel comfortable in your home! I agree; That’s how it should be. But, sometimes, you just instantly turn on the AC when you feel a rise in the temperature. What you should do is! Fix a setting that provides you with a cool but not cold temperature.

Using your AC in excess will damage your AC as well as cost the power bill. That’s why you should keep the indoor temperature at 78 degrees or cooler.

5. Schedule regular maintenance checks with a professional

Just like any other complex machines, air conditioners need regular maintenance to function properly. Most manufacturers recommend that a qualified technician check central air conditioners at least once a year.

During a maintenance check, the technician will clean the unit and perform a thorough inspection. They will also change the air filter and lubricate the moving parts. So, for example, if you’re having trouble with your central air conditioner in Winnipeg call Provincial Heating & Cooling. By scheduling regular maintenance checks, you can help to ensure that your air conditioner will continue to run smoothly and efficiently for many years to come. Following these tips will make you enjoy the efficiency of your AC for a longer period.


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