How To Increase Your Amazon Sales Effectively


Amazon, over the last decade, has become the best online store globally. However, the competition in Amazon’s marketplace has moved higher, making it difficult for some sellers to keep up with the competition. But, if you’re proactive in following Amazon’s guidelines, it’s possible to see your sales shoot above the roof. This is because some sellers have low-quality images, ineffective promotions, and poorly written listings, which means you can improve yours and help boost your sales.  

Luckily, Amazon recognizes best sellers on their platform to reward them. It’s believed that over 300 million customers search for their products on the Amazon marketplace. The market share is relatively huge, such that you can optimize your sales with the correct strategies. Amazon monitors the sales of retailers who operate stores on their website to reward the best performing ones.  

To boost your sales rank on Amazon, this article gives you a checklist of tactics that you should use. These are: 

1. Use Better Images 

Visual aids can work miracles when it comes to converting your visitors into buyers. Customers are visual beings who’d like to see the product first before purchasing. When taking photos of your product, ensure that you use a high-definition camera or mobile phone. In addition, you can take several images of your product from different angles. Low-quality images may not gain the trust of your customers. Thus, you don’t need to give them a chance to disapprove of your products. For better marketing or branding of your product on amazon you should hire a professional amazon photographer because they will capture stunning and high-quality images that will increase your sales and drive more traffic.

Moreover, beware that poorly taken images may lead to bad reviews. Therefore, optimize the quality of your pictures with a high-quality camera.  

2. Get Your Pricing Right 

A majority of customers will look at the price when they’re planning to purchase an item. Therefore, if your customers consider buying a product of the same quality and category as yours from several retailers on Amazon, guess what?  They’re most likely to fall for the cheap one.  

However, this isn’t always the case; some people may avoid a cheap product from the pretext that it might be of compromised quality. So, if you’re selling a product on a different listing from your competitors, selling it at the same price as or slightly higher than theirs might be the miracle tip. You can automate your pricing for automatic adjustment so that you can remain at the helm or make sure you factor in all fees, costs and other expenses with an Amazon seller fees calculator.  

3. Leverage FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) 

Amazon provides this service for sellers who’d like to have storage space or want to improve shipping. Moreover, this service can go a long way in boosting your sales. FBA means that you’ve been awarded the Amazon Prime badge, which helps in improving trust by your buyers. Once potential buyers see the badge, they’re more likely to buy your product rather than from someone who doesn’t have it. Amazon Prime guarantees fast and free shipping, which is the reason you can attract more customers. 

4. Optimize Your PPC Campaigns  

Running PPC campaigns on Amazon is becoming necessary if you’d like to increase your visibility. Organic searches aren’t gaining good recognition from Amazon search crawlers compared to sponsored (paid) results. Therefore, if you haven’t leveraged PPC search results, you may need to invest a budget as it’ll give you better visibility, improved sales, and boost your clicks. Besides, remember to track your PPC campaigns on Amazon and optimize them for better results.  

Amazon search

Optimization can be done automatically through AI which will add profitable search terms, remove bad performing search terms and adjust bids to boost your results. Optimization may use profitable search terms and reduce the words that generate valuable advertising cost of sales (ACOS). Note that if you’re yet to use PPC campaigns, you might be missing the opportunity to push your product up in the search results, consequently affecting your level of sales.  

5. Use External (Off-Amazon) Promotions 

These campaigns are the opposite of on-Amazon promotions or Amazon PPC as you have to carry them out of the Amazon platform. In this case, you cast your net wider on other platforms, like social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest), or you can use Google Ads. These different forms of marketing can give your products on Amazon great exposure as there are millions of potential customers on these channels.  

External promotions may take the form of giving promo codes attached to off-Amazon channels, which can significantly level up your Amazon product sales. One advantage of this strategy is that very few people are using it, which might be an excellent opportunity for you. Since Amazon recognizes sales from external promotions, it can positively improve your organic rankings more than on-Amazon promotions.  

Final Thoughts 

As you might be aware or have read in this article, Amazon is a leading marketplace where buyers meet with sellers. However, to succeed in boosting your sales on Amazon, you must be aware of the strategies you can use to push up your organic ranking on Amazon for better visibility. If you’ve never tried it before, you may need the help of Amazon marketing experts. On the other hand, if you have the relevant knowledge, placing more emphasis on the pro tips shared in this article can significantly boost your sales.  


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