How to Improve Productivity and Efficiency in Manufacturing Industry


With the ongoing consumer demand growth, it becomes harder to satisfy people’s needs. It’s also necessary to maintain the highest quality level possible. There are a lot of answers to the question of how to improve factory productivity, as today’s technologies always move forward. Some of them are more expensive and time taking while others cost nothing to implement in your team.

Invest in better equipment

High-end manufacturing tools shouldn’t always be high-priced. The “better equipment” term refers to the machinery your enterprise currently lacks. Your task is to examine what inventory can be replaced to increase productivity and outcome.

Incorporate automation

Instead of wondering how to improve productivity in manufacturing with traditional methods, implement AI robotics and computer technologies. Here, at RIOS, we offer robots that can replace your human operators by doing the following:

  • ASTRIA for quick material handling
  • DION for food items handling
  • LUMOS for quality control
  • HERMES for packing SKUs into poly bags
  • VULCAN for sorting, packing, and palletizing goods

Despite having an initial high cost, they pay it off in a few months by increasing your enterprise efficiency many times.

Analyze problems as a team

When answering how to increase manufacturing productivity, don’t focus on yourself only. The best solution would be to analyze arising problems together with your staff. They may be able to notice things that slip out of you. After all, some of them control the whole manufacturing process and can come up with new ideas.

Collect data and review workflow

Sometimes, to achieve better factory productivity, the entire workshop process should be rebuilt. This is surely expensive and time-consuming yet brings its results. Before taking any action, analyze every process that’s going on at your enterprise. Look at how your staff works, how many raw materials they use, and so on. This can be especially useful if your company has been in the market for quite a long time and your business model has become outdated.


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