How To Improve Our Sleep

Sleep is vital for our health and mental function, issues related to sleep contribute to the mental and physical problems faced by many and also the societal stress and productively issues at work. A close case of issues related to sleep is seen in the Metro-North train accident, where in December 2013, the train engineer asleep at the controls crashed the train, as it approached a curve.

Issues related to sleep disorder can lead to chronic health conditions like heart disease, hypertension, stroke, and obesity. On the other hand, having a great sleep routine can improve one’s memory, weight loss, and better heart health. If you seek to improve your sleep and gain the needed health advantages, here are a few tips on how to achieve this goal.

1. Get a sleep routine

According to available statistics on, more than one-third of American adults have issues with sleeping for six hours a night. Having a sleep routine is the way to get off this list and maintain overall health, one of the best ways to do this is to sleep and wake up at the same time every day. This is a perfect way to go, as it will help build your internal wake and sleep clock, helping you to build your sleep routine.

2. Take a relaxing bath or shower

A relaxing bath or shower is a great way to improve your sleep, and this is just perfect for your health. Your sleep quality will see massive improvements when you take a bath or shower before going to bed, research has it that a bath or shower before sleep helps adults fall asleep faster.

3. Try relaxation exercises

Regular relaxation exercises like meditation, muscle relaxation, and yoga help you relax and this is important to do away with stress as it will help you sleep fine and improve your health. Learning how to deal with stress is a vital way to improve your health and also your sleep, a good relaxation exercise will do just that. If you have a stressful day and don’t have time for exercise, it’s good to at least go out and take air from time to time. At least try to commute to your work on open-air, by using an electric bike or by walking. It will help you get fresh air and calm your mind.

4. Shut off electronic equipment an hour before you sleep

Lights from the phone, computer, and TV, are incompatible with sleep and there are a dozen pieces of research to prove this truth. Light tricks the brain into staying awake when you should be sleeping and here is the catch: you will always stay awake if you don’t take off the lights, to improve your sleep you will need to take off the lights an hour before you sleep.

5. Go to sleep only when you are tired

The best time to sleep is when you are tired and you are in dire need of sleep. This way you won’t have to stay awake all night or stay in bed worrying about sleep and when it will come. To improve your sleep, stay awake until when you are ready to sleep and the brain feels tired.

Do this often and you trick your brain into a state where it falls asleep immediately. You are tired and need that rest, to improve your sleep this is an essential habit you must form.

6. Make your bed all about sleep

Habits are essential and they add up to everything we do, when a thing is done consistently over a while, it forms a habit in the head and this is a fantastic way to trick the brain. Take work away from the bed, keep your laptop and gadgets away and get some Linenly bamboo bedding. The only thing you need to do at your bed is sleep, so make it comfortable and free from distractions . When this is done occasionally, you automatically feel sleepy when you get to your bed.

Sleep is important, it adds to your overall health and balance. To stay active and productive at work and even in your life you will need a good sleep life and this is vital as it comes with an enormous list of benefits and advantages for your health. This list contains six essential tips to help improve your sleep and this way you will also improve your health.

This list is inexhaustible, you can check up for other tips to improve your sleep as you take active steps to better your life and health.

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