How to Hide My Following List on Instagram From Followers 2023

How to Hide My Following List on Instagram From Followers 2023

On Instagram, there are two significant tabs on every profile – the “followers” tab and the “following” tab. 

Now, imagine this: The Future of Bitcoin and Online Casinos, the digital currency that transcends borders, has its own set of followers. These followers, much like Instagram followers, track its every move, eagerly awaiting its next surge or dip.

The “Followers” tab has the list of people who have followed you. While accounts or people you are following appear under “following”.

These two types of information are publicly available to anyone who wants to stalk your profile. Instagram has not provided any provision to hide these from other users on the app. 

There are some options available to do this, though. 

This blog will explain how to hide your following list from other users on Instagram.

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Can you hide the people you are following?

It can be frustrating when you can’t hide the people you follow on Instagram.

However, Instagram does offer various privacy settings to control who can see your followers and the accounts you follow. These settings can help you maintain a level of privacy while still enjoying the social experience of the platform.

If you want to learn how to hide likes on Instagram, you can go to your account settings and access the “Posts” section. There, you’ll find options to manage who can see your likes, providing additional control over your social presence.

If you are a Facebook user, then you would know it has a feature that allows users to hide the list of their friends or people they follow.

This gives an extra layer of privacy control to the individual user and owner of the profile.

Unfortunately for Insta users – the app has not provided such a feature for public profiles. Anyone who visits these accounts can see the people they follow and also the users who are following them.

There are some unofficial methods to hide the “following” list, though.

How to hide your Following list

Instagram has no official feature to hide your following list, but there are three ways you can do that if you want to. Here is the step-by-step process for all three of them.

Method 1. Set your account as private

All new accounts on Instagram are set to public by default. So, anyone can visit your account and can see the people you follow.

If you want to hide your following list, then you can set your account to private.

In that case, only your followers will be able to see your profile and know about the accounts you are following.

Here is the step-by-step process to set your profile as private;

  • Log in to your account,
  • Tap your profile icon at the bottom right and open the profile page,
  • Tap on the burger menu (three horizontal lines) on the top right,
  • Open Settings and navigate to the Privacy section,
  • Switch on the “Private Account” button and you are all set.

Now your account has been set to private. Only your followers will have access to see your profile. If someone wants to follow you, then they have to send you a request and you can individually approve their requests.

There is a problem with this method, though. If you have a business account, then making your account private will hugely limit your account’s visibility and ability to attract new followers.

Method 2. Block someone

The problem with the first method is that if someone is already your follower, they can still visit your profile even if your account is private.

What if you could block them?

This will give you two advantages.

One, they will not be able to view your profile and stalk your followers or following list.

Two, your profile can remain public and continue to grow with new followers and generate engagement.

Here are the steps to take to block a specific person:

  • Log in to your Instagram account,
  • Tap the search icon at the bottom,
  • Type the username of the person you want to block,
  • Once you see their profile, tap on the three dots you see on the right, 
  • Tap “Block” from the list of options you see.

Congratulations. You have successfully blocked the person and they will not be able to access your profile.

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It’s because while it is vital to remove annoying people who intentionally post weird comments, it is equally important to bring more followers to grow your authority.

Method 3. Remove the follower

We have seen the method of blocking someone if they are your follower. Here is another method to keep them off your account.

This method is to remove the specific follower from your list of followers and they will no longer be able to stalk your profile or leave unpleasant remarks in the comments section of your content.

Here is the step-by-step process on how to do that;

  • Access your Instagram account,
  • Tap on the profile icon at the bottom right,
  • Tap the Followers list,
  • You will have to find the account that you want to remove, and open their profile,
  • Tap on the “Remove” button to remove the person.

You have successfully removed the person from your followers list. Now they won’t be able to access your profile or see who you follow.

How to grow your Instagram followers

Here are a few actionable tips for growing your Instagram followers organically;

Research your audience

If you have decided on a niche or if you already have a sizeable audience, then you should research your audience.

This activity should be an ongoing exercise since it gives you a clear direction in which you should go with content creation and providing value.

Things like what they like and dislike, what are their ambitions, what problems they are facing, etc give a roadmap for your content marketing efforts and connect with them on a deeper scale.

Spy your competition

Look for what your competition is doing. Which type of content they are posting on their account?

If a post is getting a lot of likes and shares, you should create a similar post.

If a poll is generating a ton of comments, then you should creative ways to engage people too.

Build your hashtag strategy

Make your content searchable by using relevant hashtags and creating branded hashtags.

Create campaigns with campaign-specific hashtags. This gives people a reason to share and tag their friends in the campaign, growing its reach.

Use Reels and Stories

These are the two most popular content formats on Instagram in the past few months.

Marketers and businesses are using them to tell engaging stories and connect with their audiences.

Always try to provide something of value to the audience. You should not be posting mini-tutorials, always. It will bore them and keep them off your account.

Create funny, inspirational, and industry news posts and Reels to provide value and entertainment to your viewers.

Engage with the audience

Never miss the opportunity to respond to comments under your posts and Reels.

Answer the questions, ask for their opinions, and show your love for the great comments.

Final words

Instagram is home to over 2 billion monthly users. With this huge number of app users, come many shortcomings.

This blog has covered different ways how you can hide your following list from someone who may cause problems for you and your account.

While so many brands and influencers buy Instagram followers to grow their following and brand, some people simply hate you and want to spoil your reputation.

The best way to deal with these toxic people is to block or remove them while keeping your account public. 

Since we don’t want to hide behind the wall of private account status, it is the best option right now.


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