How to Grow Your Luxury Retail Business through Guest Posting

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Running a luxury retail business has always been quite different from almost any other enterprise. Different approach to marketing, clients with a specific set of needs and idiosyncrasies, generally conservative approach to doing business… One has to be particularly careful when applying any new strategy in this sector of economy, especially online, where everything you say and do immediately becomes common knowledge.

Nevertheless, the very nature of luxury market makes the use of some strategies, such as guest posting, particularly promising. In this article, we will cover some of the specifics that can help you start out in this direction.


1. Write long-form, high-value, in-depth content

Luxury brands sell products and services that symbolize a certain lifestyle and demonstrate the owner’s/user’s status. Those who buy them tend to approach the choice carefully and study what the market has to offer before committing themselves. After all, these products are usually intended to serve their owners for a long time and become an integral part of their image. This is why your potential buyers are normally OK with spending some time getting acquainted with in-depth, valuable information related to your industry that can help them choose and become better informed about the intricacies of the niche along the way.


2. Choose host blogs extremely carefully

Choosing which blogs and resources host your guest posts is extremely important for all businesses: backlinks from shady, low-authority websites can do more harm than good if they are penalized by Google’s algorithms for spam. However, the nature of luxury segment makes the choice of host blogs more important by at least an order of magnitude. Luxury brands are all about reputation – while for most businesses posting an article with a low-quality or unsavory blog can be overlooked, a luxury brand immediately gets under the spotlight, and reputational losses can be massive and long-lasting.

This is why it is so important to first establish a relationship with a blog owner or webmaster, study its materials and discuss its policies. You may find this guide by guest posting service to be useful when pitching your posts.


3. Be informational rather than promotional

There are few things that annoy luxury shoppers more than a vendor that is too “salesy”. In fact, it is annoying for everyone, but where most other shoppers will clench their teeth and soldier on, luxury shoppers will simply go away in search of a brand that behaves more according to its station. If you sell luxury, you are not supposed to tout your clients – they have to come to you of their own accord through the recognition of the value you offer. Therefore, never even hint at having an awesome product to sell in your guest posts. Just be authoritative, provide valuable content and exude confidence in every word – the readers will get the hint.


4. Engage potential clients

Selling luxury presupposes personal, almost intimate relations with your clients, even if they simply express interest in your products. Each potential customer should feel that he/she represents individual value for your business. In case of guest posting, this approach is possible through the post-publication support and promotion of your guest posts. If your guest post engenders a discussion on a relevant topic, make sure you take part in it and offer valuable input: answer the questions posed by commenters, give links to other useful materials (if you have them), help them solve their problems. Again, avoid directly suggesting that they buy something from you – simply be polite, helpful and dignified.


5. Develop an immediately recognizable style

Your brand is more than just a name and the product you sell. It should include the general style of your posts, the tone of your text, your manner of addressing the reader, typical mannerisms and so on. Whenever visitors encounter your content, they should immediately recognize it, even if it happens to be in an unusual place.

Promoting a luxury brand is always accompanied with certain challenges, and running a guest posting campaign is no different. Even if you have experience of doing it for brands from other sectors of economy, you will have to learn things anew – but when properly mastered, it will not fail to produce results!


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