How to Give Your Business The Digital Makeover it Needs

Digital Makeover

Companies big and small have been making efforts to embrace digital transformation for many years now. Since we’re living in a digital age, making this shift has gone from being an option to an absolute requirement. Some were quick to jump on the digital bandwagon, others took their time and caught the last train, but in the end businesses in all industries understood that the only way to move forward and thrive in an increasingly competitive environment was to make digitalization a priority. So, digitalization is much more than a buzzword – it’s the path to business success.

However just because your company has managed to set up a good website, create a few social media accounts and build a solid brand, it doesn’t mean your work here is over. Just like any other business asset, a digital presence requires constant care and maintenance in order to bring value to the company. And every now and then a digital makeover is needed for your business to reach its full potential.  

So, if you’ve come to the conclusion that your company could use a bit of digital refresh, here are a few tips that will help you do things the right way. 

Start with your website

A good website represents the foundation of a solid online presence. Think of your site as a digital window to your business that gives your audience and potential customers the possibility to get to know your brand better and familiarize themselves with the products or services you offer. Your website is often the first point of contact for your clients. So, as experts at DPDK Digital Agency explain, it’s important to make a good first impression and provide customers with the best possible experience. 

Obviously, you can’t achieve that with a site that has been sitting around gathering dust for a while. An outdated website can hurt your reputation and turn customers away. So, you might as well begin your digital makeover by giving your website an upgrade. If you’re not tech-savvy, you might want to hire a specialized agency to handle this part of the process. 

Don’t forget mobile optimization 

Since we’re talking about website upgrades, one very important aspect you should take into consideration is mobile optimization. It would be a huge mistake to assume that all your customers will visit your site from a laptop or desktop computer. In fact, if we take a look at recent statistics, mobile accounts for approximately half of the web traffic worldwide. In 2021, over 54% of global website traffic came from mobile devices. 

Therefore, optimizing our website for mobile is more important than ever. If your website looks great on desktop but displays poorly on tablets and smartphones, it’s time to fix that before you lose any more customers. Ensuring smooth and easy mobile navigation is key to increasing traffic to your website. Choosing a responsive theme, creating navigation that’s intuitive, content prioritization, and using proper fonts and colours are some of the steps you should take in this respect. 

Get familiar with SEO

Many business owners shy away from SEO either because they’re not aware of the benefits it provides or because they’ve heard that SEO is this complicated and confusing field, and they have no desire to get tangled in it. Even though this is partly true, the advantages that SEO can bring to your business far outweigh the disadvantages, making the effort worth it. 

Besides, you don’t have to become an SEO expert to see real results. It’s enough to learn the basics and develop an SEO strategy that suits your business’ needs. The right SEO techniques can help you increase search engine rankings, putting your website in the spotlight, and helping you reach a larger number of customers. Fortunately, the online environment provides plenty of guides and free SEO tools that you can use to brush up on your SEO skills

Focus on content

Good SEO and quality content go hand in hand since you can’t have one without the other. Take any of the elements out of the equation and the other one will perform poorly. Put them together and you have a digital marketing powerhouse. 

Creating quality content implies so much more than writing a text that reads nicely. First of all, the topics you approach have to be relevant to your target audience and provide valuable information to them in an engaging and compelling manner. Secondly, you have to integrate keywords and key phrases in your copy naturally to make it easier for search engines to find you. Structure is also extremely important, as is the tone and the language you use in your copy. All these elements should come together when writing and optimizing content for your site.  

Improve social media presence 

There are over 3 billion social media users in the world, which makes it pretty obvious that your business needs to build a social media presence if it doesn’t have one already. And if you’re already active on these platforms, you might want to tweak your social media strategy to adjust to current customer expectations trends. 

Studies show that videos can drive more views and engagement than any other type of social posting. Video content is easier to consume, especially for those using mobile devices, and stimulates a stronger emotional response from viewers in comparison to other types of content. So, you should get serious about creating video content and integrate it into your digital marketing strategy from now on. 

Consider building an app

Considering the global number of mobile phone users continues to grow, it’s no surprise that app downloads and usage have also increased. This means you might have to build an app for your business sooner or later, so why not do it now, as part of your digital makeover? Having an app that your mobile customers can use when they want to search for your products and services will definitely enhance your online presence and bring value to your business.


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