How to Get Started with Online Crypto Gambling

Nowadays, casinos are separate universes that can open their golden gates for you. What is more compelling, many games allow tripling your crypto resources. And while some crypto-havers prioritize play-to-win projects, aweless risk adorers gamble. Still, gamblers are safe when they enjoy their best-loved activities in digital gambling hoses like N1 Bet. But even ubiquitous safety does not permit neglecting the principles of responsible gambling.

Adepts have their ways, but novices must research a ton of information before starting to gamble with crypto. So, let us shed light on essential points that you must remember while gambling. Keep in mind:

1. Your Plan Requires a Safe and Stable Crypto Wallet

There are various wallets! Some of them are free, and some require payment. Still, you must determine the type of your crypto treasury. For instance, you might prioritize:

  • Online wallets. They have durable protection and will serve you well, but they still might suffer hacker attacks. Also, many online wallets work on smartphones solely. Usually, they are free.
  • Software wallets. Those do not differ much from the mentioned online wallets. Most of them function on desktops and have yet to be optimized for smartphones. You can find free software wallets, but they are a rarity. More than 80% of them require payments.
  • Hardware wallets. That might be superfluous because hardware wallers are popular among super-rich crypto miners. No hardware wallet is free. Still, its safety is of steel.

Think of which type suits your plan the finest. We recommend online crypto treasuries if you want to gamble on the go. Software ones are more optimal for those who always play at home.

2. Always Research Every Casino You Are About to Use

The crypto industry is full of scammers and con artists. So, the number-one rule of every crypto user is to research each casino before gambling there. Determine whether a digital gambling house:

  • has a Curacao or Malta license;
  • uses an RNG;
  • has a Provably Fair algorithm;
  • uses crypto-only;
  • has fast payouts;
  • possesses a user-friendly interface, etc.

Also, read crypto casino reviews on popular platforms such as Askgambler and Thepogg. These sources have proved to be highly trustworthy. Besides, they will help you determine whether you can trust a crypto casino. Do not forget to pay heed to user feedback on crypto gambling forums.

Finding new casinos that guarantee you exciting crypto games and fast payouts is effortless. Still, it is challenging to identify those that will keep their promises. So, be extra careful while choosing crypto gambling websites!

3. Analyze Details of Every Game You Want to Spin

RTP is the first thing adepts think of when choosing a slot to play. But crypto gambling goes beyond that! It would be best if you also considered:

  • The higher it is, the rarer big wins are. Low volatility slots give more tiny prizes but fewer jackpots. If you want to receive tremendous crypto rewards, pick high-volatility games. But do not forget that such slot games require heftier bets.
  • Hit frequency. It will tell you how often a slot triggers prizes, no matter their size. The higher the hit frequency is, the more often you will receive crypto coins while playing. But again, do not forget that high hit frequencies usually mean small rewards.

4. Deposit Only when You Are Sure about a Casino’s Reliability

When you have found a crypto casino that meets all the requirements, it is time to make your first deposit. Do not hurry! Wait for some time to see whether the digital gambling house:

  • offers you bonuses;
  • provides fast payouts;
  • has many banking methods;
  • uses an RNG, etc.

After making sure that a crypto casino is entirely safe to gamble at, deposit your crypto coins there. The size of your first bet should not exceed 0.5% of your general crypto gambling budget.

5. Do Not Forget to Set Betting Limits

Gambling crypto is effortless and can be pretty exciting. So, it is challenging to control oneself when crypto gambling. That is why every crypto user must set betting limits before starting to play. Determine the amount of crypto you can afford to lose while playing slots or other casino games. Once you have reached this limit, stop gambling and take a break.

6. Never Chase Losses

One of the most widespread crypto gambling mistakes often leads to devastating results. No one is safe from crypto gambling losses. So, do not try to regain what you have lost by risking even more!

Loss chasing is a slippery slope that is challenging to get out of. So, do not even try to do that! Once you have reached your crypto gambling limit, stop and take a break. Maybe, the next day will be more fortunate, and you will regain what you have lost.

7. Withdraw Your Winnings Regularly

This advice applies to both crypto gambling and online casino gaming in general. Do not let your crypto gambling winnings accumulate in your balance! The more crypto you have, the more you will be tempted to gamble. So, it would be best if you withdrew them regularly.

Moreover, many casinos have withdrawal limits. For instance, an establishment allows you to withdraw a crypto sum equal to $1000 per week. If your account becomes inactive, the casino might snatch your winnings. Not all establishments do that, but that practice is not a rarity.

Final Words

The crypto gambling industry still lacks regulation. So, crypto users can encounter many problems while gambling online. The best way to avoid them is to use only licensed digital gambling platforms. Such casinos possess all the necessary permits to provide crypto games legally. So, you will not have to worry about your crypto funds or personal data while playing slots or other casino games.

And before goodbyes, we wish you stellar luck with your fav games! Enjoy! May gods of Fortune support your every decision.


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