How to Get More Views on YouTube: 10 Tips to Try Today



Youtube is one of the most used platforms for videos in the world. There are many tips that you can try to gain views on the platform. Many YouTubers buy youtube views but there are many other methods available. Views are the most important indicator of how popular your videos are. We have found the best stats available on the internet to help you gain more views on Youtube. From using the best methods to buy Youtube subscribers to perfecting your content, we have covered it all.

1. Make innovative content

Innovative content is hard to come by on Youtube. The majority of the creators keep posting the same type of content time and time again. Creators who manage to bring something new to the platform get tons of views. You have to try to find the most innovative ways to present your content in your niche. Thinking outside the box will help you to find new types of content which will help you to grow. You can even buy Youtube subscribers to help you boost the engagement you receive. 

2. Try making a series

Making a series gets you more views on your videos. You have to find concepts for videos that can be divided into a few videos. Making a series wakes your audience to want to come back to view tour videos. When making the services remember to try and have a cliffhanger that will make the audience come back for the next video. You can buy youtube views to get more people interested in your series. A series makes people come back to your video and is thus great to get more views. 

3. Collaborate with creators

Find creators who fit your niche and the type of videos you make. You should try to collaborate with them on videos. This allows both of the creators to reach the audience of the other one. This allows both of the creators to get more views on their videos. This method is great to gain more views as your reach a bigger audience.

4. Buy Youtube packages

Creators who want to succeed on the platform buy Youtube views to get a boost on Youtube. You should be looking to buy Instagram views to get a direct increase in your engagement. You can even look to buy youtube subscribers. This will make your account look more professional which helps to get more views.

5. Create playlists

Playlists on Youtube have similar videos grouped. The videos in the playlist keep playing one after the other. This makes your audience watch quite a few of your videos and it racks up the views. You should buy Youtube views to boost the popularity of your playlists.

6. Use end screens and cards

These tools are made to ensure that creators can keep their audience hooked to their content. These cards help you to put suggested videos on the screen after your video ends. Choose videos that are similar to the one your viewer is watching. This boosts their chance of watching it and gets you more views.

7. Have occasional contests

Contests are used by creators to motivate viewers to watch their videos. You can create contests where you ask the viewers to subscribe and watch your videos to get into the contest. This motivates them to watch your videos. You can even buy youtube subscribers to make the contest seem more legitimate. 

8. Eye-catching thumbnails and titles

Thumbnails have to be attractive to get views on Youtube. Thumbnails should be able to give an insight into your video without revealing too much. The more outrageous you make the thumbnail the higher are the chances of it getting picked up by your audience. Create good titles as well. Make them short and effective. Titles should create a sense of anticipation among your viewers.

9. Cross-promote your videos

Use all of the social media platforms you have to promote your Youtube channel. You should be using all social media accounts to get more viewers to your account. You should share the link to your Youtube channel and have it in your bio. You can also use features like Instagram stories to update your audience about new videos that you have coming out. Using the links allows people from different social media sites to view your videos. You reach many more people and thus your views increase as well.

10. Post consistently

You have to keep being active on the platform to gain the engagement you want. Your audience will stay with you if you keep giving them good content regularly. Create a posting schedule for your videos and keep loyal to that schedule.


All of the tips given above help you gain the edge over your competition. You will be pulling in more views to your account when you start using these tips. A combination of finding the best tips for your channel and using them properly will give you the boost of viewers that you need


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