How to Get More Plays on SoundCloud?


Since its inception, SoundCloud has always served independent artists as a way to enter the music market without an agency or expensive ad campaigns.

But, to get the ball rolling and start making moves in the music industry, it takes more than creating a SoundCloud account and uploading some tracks ‒ it’s essential to get more plays on SoundCloud and get a healthy following on the platform.

Easier said than done, right? Luckily, you’re in the right place. This article will give you the action steps you need to increase SoundCloud plays and set you on the path to being an established music artist.

Essential Tips to Get More SoundCloud Plays

Growing your presence on SoundCloud is simple and doable when you follow the solutions presented in this article. As long as you remain consistent and stay dedicated to your growth, your SoundCloud plays will surely increase over time.

1. Create Exceptional Music

Creating quality music is the foundation of getting more plays on SoundCloud. So before expecting your new bass track to blow up online, be sure to spend adequate time mixing and mastering your equipment and programs of choice.

High-quality music may take effort, but it’s always worth it in the end. Once you’ve committed to your craft, you’ll find your own SoundCloud plays increasing due to having your own voice, target audience, and musical style that makes you memorable to listeners, new and old.

2. Use Your Existing Audience

Using your existing audience or network is a suitable marketing strategy as you get your feet on the ground with your music career. With each new track, music update, or social media post, ask your network to share your creations and remind them how much it helps!

Although there are other options, such as SoundCloud’s promotion service or repost channels, there’s nothing quite like creating a connection with real friends, family, and fans. Utilize this audience to ascertain devoted fans that will boost your SoundCloud plays organically.

3. Make Your Music Discoverable


In order for people to discover your work on SoundCloud, it’s important to make a habit of providing accurate metadata on each track upload. Be sure each of your tracks includes a name, description, appealing cover art, social media links, and relevant tags that describe your genre.

Like most media platforms, SoundCloud utilizes an algorithm. The cleaner your metadata is, the easier it is to find your music, get more plays, and even get your tracks featured on SoundCloud’s homepage, which is a surefire way to rise in the ranks.

4. Remain Consistent in Releasing New Tracks

Any established creative will tell you that remaining consistent in your craft is the best way to master it and build a following. Being active on SoundCloud will have a compounding effect ‒ you’ll have more tracks to discover, and you’ll get better and better as a musician.

Consider making a content calendar to keep yourself to a schedule and make sure you’re publishing music on a regular basis. Don’t worry too much if the piece isn’t perfect; your SoundCloud account can also serve as a record of your growth!

5. Do Email Networking

For many people, there’s just too much content to consume in a day. That’s why email marketing is a great strategy to increase your visibility and make sure your fans know when you’ve released new music, enabling even more promotion of your music if they share it on various platforms.

Email marketing is another strategy that will serve you well if you start doing it early on; the more you do it, the more second nature it becomes. To start, build a list of emails from people in your network or current audience. Emailing will also come in handy if you start playing shows!

6. Repost Chains

Repost chains are based on the idea that a network of musicians, labels, influencers, and collectives can boost each other up and repost tracks from others in the group. Repost trading makes it easy to get new ears on your music and can help you gain a strong community too.

Once you gain a network of like-minded friends in the music industry, the best thing you can do for one another is share each other’s music. You never know when one of these peers will blow up or gain a significant following, so it’s best to leave a positive imprint everywhere you go.

7. Use Proper Tags

As mentioned, proper tags mean everything when it comes to building a niche and finding your target audience. Make sure to tag your music with the different musical genres you work with and anything that conveys the mood of your work.

The tags you use will be more successful when you know your musical style and stay true to it. When you effectively use tags, SoundCloud knows where to put your work amidst millions of other tracks, making it more likely to be discovered by people who genuinely enjoy it.

8. Promote Yourself on Social Media


Everything is interconnected online, so why not expand your SoundCloud community through other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube? Social media is a fun, effective marketing tactic that will spread the word about your music and allow you to express yourself.

If you’re ready to dive into music videos, create a YouTube channel where you can publish your music alongside video content. You can even create a website where you link all of your social media accounts and publish blogs giving insight into your creative process!

9. Buy SoundCloud Plays

Since SoundCloud offers free accounts for basic usage, it’s not a bad idea to put some spare change into amping up your plays. An easy way to do this is to buy real SoundCloud plays from Media Mister, a safe, simple, and vetted website for all your social media needs.

Media Mister is an authentic social media service provider offering SoundCloud plays from real accounts, so you can rest assured that all of your plays are 100% genuine. They also provide secure payment and a money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with the results.

Buying SoundCloud plays from Media Mister provides a high retention rate from listeners, which can make all the difference in your account’s place in SoundCloud’s algorithm. Plus, these services are available at an affordable rate, so it’s easy to get started today!


By following the simple steps in this article, you’ll be on your way to SoundCloud success. Advocating for yourself as a music artist can be challenging, but the action steps given above can make all the difference in your experience as an independent music artist.

Having SoundCloud plays shows that people listen to your music, which makes those late nights in the studio all worth it (and provides the social proof needed to get attention and branch out). We hope this article aids you in establishing a fulfilling musical career!


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