How to Find Reliable Suppliers of Poly Naphthalene Sulfonate?

polynaphthalene sulfonate factory

Poly naphthalene sulfonate is a chloride-free ad mixture that instantly dissolves in water. The compound is widely used in the construction industry, and there is greater market demand year-round.

Suppliers are essential for every business. Without acceptable quality Sodium Salt of Polynaphthalene Sulfonate, you cannot make good chemical admixtures for concrete. To make things easy for you, we have shared tips to find reliable suppliers of Poly naphthalene sulfonate.

Strong Innovation Capability

We live in a technology-driven world, and manufacturers need to remain adept at innovation in their related fields. Strong innovation capabilities positively affect every business aspect, like boosting product quality, re-engineering supply chains, and following advanced manufacturing processes.

You need to look for a supplier that offers professional concrete admixtures that will enhance your construction work quality. 

supplier of poly naphthalene sulfonate

Advanced Quality Testing Methods

Quality control is an essential aspect of every product manufacturing. The extraction methods followed for Sodium Salt of Polynaphthalene Sulfonate vary with suppliers. It leads to a varied concentration of main compounds. If the concentration of naphthalene in Naphthalene sulfonates is not right, it will adversely affect the concrete admixture’s quality.

Hence, the supplier you choose needs to follow advanced quality testing methods to determine the main compound’s concentration in the final product. It is necessary for the supplier to supply Naphthalene Sulfonates in the right specifications.

Research and Development

Chemical firms are required to spend significant amounts on R&D. It helps improve their products and reduce manufacturing costs. Some companies also spend vast amounts on research and development to embrace green production methods. The poly naphthalene sulfonate supplier you choose should have a good R&D spending that would ensure the supplier is spending funds every year to improve products.

High-Quality Customer Service

Customer service plays an essential role in every business. Business transactions do not always go smoothly. There can be a problem with the quality of the product, delivery, or any other problem. Good customer service will ensure your company gets an efficient solution to any issue related to delivery and product quality.

Supplier Certifications

Most buyers ignore supplier certifications that are not a good business practice. Chemical suppliers, including Naphthalene Sulfonates suppliers, need to have proper supplier certifications. This will ensure the product supplied to you meets your specifications, and there are no legal problems either.

Leading Naphthalene Sulfonates suppliers have ISO certifications like OHSAS18000 for occupational health and ISO9001 quality management system.

Environmental protection

The environment is crucial for society and business. Businesses can help the environment by not using hazardous chemicals in the production process. The supplier you choose should have a positive approach to environmental protection. Leading chemical suppliers have ISO14001 certification that is related to the environmental management system.


Companies are known to have long term relations with suppliers. When choosing Naphthalene Sulfonate suppliers, look for vendors who are a long time in business. It is also necessary the supplier is not changing businesses every few years. A good reputation is a sign of a reliable supplier.


The location of the supplier is an important aspect. Not all suppliers export internationally. If you choose a supplier in a foreign country, make sure the supplier can ship Naphthalene Sulfonates to your location. If you select a distant supplier, consider shipping charges. Some leading suppliers offer free shipping if you order a certain quantity.

Before choosing any supplier, check their client’s list. It is always a good business practice to discuss freight charges and other transactional requirements before finalizing the deal.

To sum up, choosing the right Naphthalene Sulfonates is critical for your construction-related business. The guidelines given in the post help you focus on essential aspects. It ensures your business team up with a reliable supplier that can play a crucial role in taking your business to the next level. 


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