How to Figure Out Who Has Access to Your Data

data privacy

Keeping your data as private as possible these days is so important because cyber criminals are always on the hunt for information that they could exploit. And there’s also the threat of data breaches, which have become increasingly more common and have even impacted some of the biggest businesses.

How can you figure out who has access to your data so you can take steps to secure it as best as possible? Continue reading to access a few tips you can implement today.

Search for Information About Yourself Online

To figure out if any of your personal information is visible online, you can begin by performing a basic search on Google using your full name. In the event that you discover that websites are sharing information they shouldn’t be, you can contact them and take action to have your information taken down. There are online services that can help you with people search removal.

Consider That People Search Websites Likely Have Your Data

One of the types of websites that will likely have information about you on full display is people search websites. These sites make it simple to look up information about anyone. So, unless you opt out of these websites, your data, such as your age, your address and phone number, the names of your relatives, and your background and criminal records, will continue to be available.

There are a lot of people search websites, so it’s important to do a thorough search and move through the opt out instructions for each one to get control over where your data can be accessed. Usually, the opt out process is simple and quick. Here are three examples to help you get started:

  • FastPeopleSearch is a source that helps you quickly and easily access information about someone, even if you don’t know them personally. If you want to remove your data, just follow the FastPeopleSearch removal instructions.
  • Intelius has become quite popular, so when it comes to people search sites, you’ll want to ensure that this one doesn’t have your data. Head to the Intelius opt out page to request removal.
  • Spokeo has also become pretty well-known in the world of people search sites, so be sure to follow the Spokeo opt out page’s instructions on how to get off of that site.

Check Your Apps and Change Your Settings

To figure out who has access to your data, it’s also wise to look into the many different apps that you use on your computer and on your devices. You might be surprised to discover that they are holding onto a good amount of your personal information, and they might even be sharing that information with third parties for purposes like showing you relevant ads. For example, if you’ve used Facebook to log into other apps or sites, those third parties might have access to your Facebook data too.

Head to the settings of each of your apps. See if there are any ways to tell the apps to stop sharing your information. And, rather than logging into an app or site using your Facebook account, consider creating a whole new account so you can prevent the sharing of information.

The bottom line is this: knowing where your data can be accessed is critical if you want to be able to take control of where your data is and who can find it, so consider following the steps above.


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