How to Explain Coding to a Child

Coding to a Child

Because technology is at the forefront of our fast developing world, kids with computer science and computer programming skills will be at an advantage. Thus, it’s a good idea to teach coding to children at a tender age since its benefits extend beyond computers.

Coding is commonly exercised by developers, but in this article we’ll focus on coding for kids, how to explain coding to a child, the different coding for kids concepts and how to make it interesting for a young mind.

Coding Concepts to Teach Your Child

The best way to learn is by doing, this means performing a practical that’ll help the child grasp the concepts involved. Practical teachings require the child to be hands-on, thus aiding in better understanding.

Some of the basic concepts you can teach them include:

Decomposition – In a decomposition process, you break down a large task into smaller workable tasks. This makes coding easier for the child in question.

Algorithms – An algorithm is a step-by-step process that instructs a computer how to execute specific orders to produce a desired outcome.

Sequencing – Sequences are used for looping and data storage. These are arranged lists of commands that tell computers which functions to perform.

Looping – A loop is a sequence of commands carried out with repetition till a certain condition is reached on the computer.

Branching – Branching helps a programmer write coding that is adaptive to different scenarios depending on the input.

Debugging – An essential part of computer programming, this allows you to find and fix errors when coding.

When searching for the best websites to teach coding, look for a reputable one that seems to have your child’s interests at heart. The process employed often determines how well children grasp the concept. You can use some coding websites for free if finances are an issue. Search through your options to see what best suits you and your child.

Teaching Your Child Coding

Coding can be fun for some, but other children may find it boring. It is essential to come up with a unique teaching strategy according to the intellect of your child. Engaging them in mental tasks and hands-on activities will stimulate their young minds.

Here are some helpful tips on how to teach a child coding:

  • Make it fun!
  • Teach them earlier so they grow with it.
  • Use coding Apps and games.
  • Figure out which coding tools they understand.
  • Use child-friendly programming languages.
  • Make mistakes and learn from them.
  • Give them challenges.
  • Try programming skills courses for kids.
  • Use coding tutorials from YouTube and other apps.
  • Do some coding while the child watches.

Getting involved and showing them that you are enjoying it can spark their interest and boost their enthusiasm.


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