How To Ensure That You Pass The Real Estate Practice Exam

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Anyone who lives in the United States of America and is an American citizen is able to take the real estate exam. However, the course is rather complex and so requires a certain level of preparation in order to ensure that you pass it at the very first time of asking. Some of these have been listed below for the benefit of anyone who intends to take the exam. There’s also the possibility to get your real estate license online in Missouri, or in any other state.

Before Taking The Real Estate Exam

Before you go into the actual exam, make sure that you have eaten enough food and drank enough liquids so that you are not found wanting during the middle of it. Eating those foods that are high in vitamin B, such as raisins, oatmeal, and bananas is beneficial. The night before the exam, make sure that you get a good night’s sleep and come into the test centre feeling well-rested.

Although you should avoid cramming at the very last minute, make sure that you do lots of revision and even do a real estate practice exam or two so that you can get used to the type of questions asked and working under pressure to a strict time constraint. Given the amount of maths that is in the exam, be sure to bring a fully working calculator with you to the test centre. 

Prior to going into the testing room, take a visit to the restroom as you do not want to be caught short during the actual exam itself as it will eat into your already limited amount of time. What you must take with you to the test centre is two separate forms of personal ID in order to verify that you are exactly who you are claiming to be.

During The Real Estate Exam

Do not worry about any individual questions and be put off by the fact that one has left you stumped. You should answer each and every question that you know and then come back to the ones that you are less sure about at the end. Even if you do not know the answer to the question, you should at least make an attempt to answer it to the best of your abilities. After all, not answering is a guaranteed wrong answer.

Be wary of the wording that is used in some of the questions – particularly words like ‘most appropriate’, ‘except’, ‘never’,  and ‘always’. This is why it is important to read through the entire question thoroughly and as many times as is needed in order to grasp a full understanding of the question.

It is important to relax during the exam so that your ability to recall information is not stifled or compromised at all. If you are anxious and nervous, you will not be able to perform to the very best of your abilities, thus meaning that you are more likely to not pass and fail the real estate exam. At the end of it, it is important to remember that even if you do fail, you can always sit the exam again.


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