How to Effectively Declutter to Make Moving Easy


Before you start looking for a moving company Horn Lake city, there are some things that you should have already checked from your moving checking list. One of these things is decluttering. This is organizing your items and removing or separating unnecessary things from those that are important.

If you want your moving to be easy then you want to make sure that you carry the things that you only use and get rid of the things you don’t use anymore. There are a lot of things you can do with these. You can give them out to your friends and neighbours who need them, sell them, or donate them to charity.

If you are not yet sure of what you want to do with these items you can rent a place to store them until you are decided. But decluttering is not easy either. It sounds like it shouldn’t be but it is always hard to separate the things that you use from those you don’t at the point in time.

To make this process easy, here are some tips for you to follow; 

Don’t be in Rush

As soon as you make the decision to move, you should already create your checklist and start decluttering immediately. One of the reasons why you find it so hard to separate and organize things is because you are always in a hurry. At this time, your mind is in a rush and can’t really focus.

You want to start early and take your time. You don’t have to organize every part of your house at the same time. You can do one room today, the next day you do something else, just to distract your mind, then move on to another room or other things; you can start with clothes, and then move to shoes, then to jewelry, and so on. 

Start with the Necessities 

The first thing you want to do before you do anything else is to find a necessity box. This is for things that you use every day and can’t go a day without. The reason for this is that you want to make sure all the items you regularly use are in the same place and easy to grab whenever you need them. 

Some of the things that go in the “necessity box” include a roll of toilet paper, a couple of face towels and a large towel, soap, detergents, shower gels, and such. You also want a necessity box for things you will use the very first day you move into your new home like a box cutter and a hammer and nails.

Use Three to Five Boxes

Use just enough boxes while you are separating and organizing things. Too many boxes may just be too overwhelming and make everything even more complex. And one or two boxes may just not be enough to separate the type of items you need to. 

Three boxes sound just right, but if you need more, don’t exceed five. Make sure to also label them to avoid mixing up things or else you will have to do the job over again. One might be labelled as important (for things you will keep), waste (for things that you will throw away), and donate (for things you will donate, sell, or give away).

Decide of what to Dispose and What to Keep

Now, this is a hard decision to make. You might need to employ a practicality test. Think about that dress you haven’t worn for a while. Say, things you haven’t used in a year have to go. This way you wouldn’t be stuck every time you come across a cute dress. At least you know if you haven’t worn it for a whole year chances are you won’t ever wear it. 

For food and other perishable goods, check the dates. Anything that is close to the expiry date has to go. You can either give it away or sell it. Make sure to check the date so as not to pack things that will anyway get spoiled before use. If you can’t find dates, open and smell for any abnormal or unpleasant smells.


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