How to Design Packaging Boxes for Your Products

Packaging Boxes for Your Products

Whatever your business is, packaging will always be a big part of your marketing. It is not only to protect the goods in the packaging but to also spread a message, for branding, and for awareness. That is why choosing a great and meaningful box packaging design is important.

If you are just about to get started with your business and are in the hustle to determine your packing, then this is the article for you. Those who are also looking to revamp their brand are in for some great insights. The following are tips to design your packaging boxes; 

Your values

The first thing you want to think about is your business values; what does your business stand for? What are some of your beliefs? Besides the business side of it, what else are you trying to convey? What are you advocating for? What do you want your audience to learn or feel about your products?

Every business has values that they run by. It is an important factor that your packaging represents or reflects that too. Whether it is through a few words, the colors you choose for your packaging boxes, or the texture and type of the box.  Make sure to pass the message you want to.

Match your personality

This is also a great and important tip.  A lot of businesses started off as a passion. If you are starting out a makeup line, or clothing line, you want the driving force behind that inspiration to shine through your products and your work. Make sure your personality is reflected too.

You can represent this through colors, fonts, choice of words, and textures. Different personalities can be reflected through different things. Find what matches your personality and use it. This will not only please your customers but also draw them to you on a personal level. 

Pass a message with your packaging

Your packaging is a representation of your entire brand. Don’t just have a hard brown envelope or box. This is boring, unmemorable, and “just another random package”. And who wants to be “just another package from another store?” Not you. 

You want your customers to be excited to receive packages from you. Let them look forward not just to the products but also to the message. Be creative with your artwork and create something unique. You don’t even have to write words, colors and shapes can also communicate a lot.


Personalization is another trick a lot of businesses are adopting. Don’t be left behind. Nothing is more thrilling to your customer than receiving a package or product that feels like it was made exclusively for them. Some brands also go as far as branding the customers’ name not on the packaging box, but on the products themselves.

You don’t have to go that far. But you can surely find it easy to make your customers feel special through your packaging design. Leave a thank you note with a message tailored to that specific customer. If they are repeat customers, let them know that you recognize that and that you appreciate them. You can even offer a discount for their next order.

Package in style 

It is normal to choose a hard brown rectangular box for packaging. People receive packages like that every day. But you have the opportunity to design your own packaging box. Be creative. First, you of course need to prioritize the safety of the product and make sure it reaches your customer in good condition.

You can first use a smaller box to fit the product and put it in a larger box or a unique pretty little bag, custom made. Take your time to create something different.


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