How to Decide on the Right Software Development Company for Your Business 

Software Development

You’ve arrived at the point where progress on your digital project requires an outsourcing partner. But selecting the right vendor is a big undertaking — you want them to understand your vision, yes, but they also need to display an exceptional track record of completed tasks, on time and within budget. Every box must be checked

With so much to consider, it can seem like endless questions to answer and decisions to be made, all stacking up when deciding how to choose a software development company that’s the best fit for you and your company.

And if you’d like to learn more before making any decisions, we’ve put together the following checklist, important questions that should be answered to your satisfaction when choosing a software development company.

Verifiable Time in the Market

Quality developers have solid reputations attached to the services they provide, meaning they’re unlikely to “flake out” or abandon your project mid-sprint. Be sure to review online information about potential candidates.

Additionally, any company with years of experience has also learned how to make processes run efficiently and effectively. Thousands of hours of dedicated practice translates to you receiving a finished product on time and within budget.

For example, Rubyroid Labs has successfully built websites, mobile apps, and customized software for a variety of industries. Over 50 of their Ruby on Rails developers have at least four years of professional experience; their senior engineers often have twice that.

Independent Testimonials

A dev company with a legit track record will have honest consumer feedback and testimonials on independent platforms like Clutch, as well as across social media. It’s important to choose a software development company with plenty of detailed reviews and a positive overall rating.

Independent Testimonials

Portfolio of Finished Projects

Software developers build solid reputations by willingly presenting their completed work. Review the company’s projects to see if they’re proficient with the technologies you’ll require, and see if there are parallels between their case studies and your vision.

Specific Industries

Dedicated experience in your given industry should be part of the search to choose a software development company. This is especially important if your business sector or specialty requires compliance with official laws and regulations — like GDPR standards, or HIPAA regulations. In this case, hiring a development company with relevant experience is an absolute must.

Accomplished developers generally possess skills in more than one field. For example, Rubyroid Labs has built successful products across several industries: fintech, healthcare, marketing, travel, real estate, eCommerce and more.

Experience with Companies That Have a Similar Footprint

If your business is large, with several levels of decision-making, managing a remote team is likely preferred — they’ll understand the ins and outs of complexity and regulation inherent within corporate procedures. 

On the other hand, if you’re a startup, chances are you’re lean, agile, ready to pivot as needed and not afraid to experiment — a scenario best handled by developers with flexibility. When reviewing a prospective developers’ body of work, consider whether they appear more experienced in assisting large companies or SMBs.

Regional Expertise

Cultural appreciation and understanding can be a real benefit when deciding on whether to go into business together. When choosing the right software development company, gauge the regional experience they have in your locale with other clients, and how much that might accelerate the new partnership getting off to a good start.

Communication is Key

You’ll want to work with a development team that understands the value of reporting and processing feedback, and doing so clearly, with minimal margin for error. And — since you’re reading this — it’s probable that you speak and communicate in English, as do others in your company.

So, in the quest to find an app development company that’s the right fit, being able to communicate, either in English or your native language, if different, is fundamental.

This includes when you wish to contact other members of your outsourcing project team besides the PM in charge. Software development companies optimize clear communication by ensuring that all of their developers, designers and testers speak English.

Being Flexible About the Vetting Process

You’re an original thinker, and that may include a particular routine or methodology when interviewing potential candidates for work. A developer should be comfortable adjusting as needed to ensure a smooth interview process with you.

Some companies present three options for their clients to choose from. The first is a test assignment, the second an interview with developers and, lastly, any other procedure you think is best.

How Are Time Differences Handled?

When you select an outsourcing partner, one consideration is the effect of working across different time zones.

Professional companies that regularly work with overseas clientele understand the value of minimizing the impact time differences might have. For example, at Rubyroid Labs, they arrange for overlap hours when needed so that daily communication is never compromised.

Active In the Professional Community

An established business — one with community engagement as one of its core values — understands that contributing time and expertise alongside other professionals is mandatory. Choose a software developer who strives to educate and give back through organized events and knowledge-sharing.

Choosing a Software Development Team — It’s Go Time!

When choosing a software development team, the decision tree can be narrowed down to three things: experience, processes and reputation.

How much experience does a developer have? And how relevant is that experience with respect to your project’s challenges in terms of industry, client size and region?


Continuously streamlining collaboration is also a must-have. You’ll want to make sure your developer is nimble enough to adjust accordingly when it comes to executing processes throughout the project’s duration.

And working with a company that others speak highly of, has certifiable testimonials and demonstrates its commitment to the professional community can only benefit the end result.


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