How to Deal With Performance Issues in Fire Stick

Fire Stick

If you want to give your older TV some innovative capabilities, one of the best ways to do so is by adding a Fire TV device from Amazon. You can watch plenty of movies and shows on your Fire TV, thanks to services like HBO Max, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, which start at low price points.

Just like any piece of technology, your Amazon Fire TVStick is sure to have glitches and troubles. FireStick owners’ most prevalent difficulty is the failure to buffer content when streaming programs like Stranger Things or Big Mouth, as their screens go black right in the middle of the most critical scenes.

This can be annoying, but it’s not always a problem with your gadget. Instead, you run into issues where your internet speed isn’t able to manage it. Let’s talk about how to figure out and fix this problem.

Power Source

Charge your device with the supplied power adapter and cable. Despite connecting your Fire TV to your TV’s USB port or a spare laptop connector, doing so would severely limit the Fire TV’s performance because the output is significantly lower than that of a power socket.


Even when they’re not using their Fire TV Sticks, most users leave them plugged in all the time. The Fire TV Stick has to restart occasionally to eliminate blockages that could cripple the system and render it unusable. You have the option of unplugging the device and plugging it back in or rebooting the tablet. The first thing you have to do is:

  • Press the Home button.
  • On the next screen, select Devices.
  • Select to restart.

Check Your Internet Speed

The Amazon Fire Stick Lite is easy to use and cheap, making it a perfect alternative for anyone who wants to install it. To begin, examine your Fire Stick’s internet connection speed.

If your Internet connection is not robust, your Fire Stick might not be able to run Netflix shows like Buffy you stream out. In general, a buffering Firestick can’t keep playing due to a lack of information being ready to use.

From the Fire TV home menu, navigate to the search bar and select your favorite browser. To access the Silk browser, follow these steps if you haven’t installed a browser yet.

  • Use the remote’s power button to turn on your television and Fire Stick.
  • From the home screen, choose the “Apps” tab.
  • “Categories” -> “Utility”
  • You need to download the Silk Browser app.
  • Select the “Get” button on the drop-down list.
  • First, you will download and install the browser; then, click on “Open.”

Bear in mind that you have to test the speed of your Fire Stick network, not the router or the network in general. Even if your ISP gives you 100 Mbps at the router, your Fire Stick won’t be able to use it because your wireless connection only travels through 3 Mbps. Do your testing on the TV and nowhere else.

Turn Off Application Data Collection

Additionally, data collected from the Fire Stick comes from a variety of applications. Maybe it’s caused by this. You can quickly turn this off in the Settings menu.

  • From the Fire Stick menu, choose Settings.
  • To access these programs, choose Applications.
  • Select Collect Usage Data for Collect App.
  • Collect App Usage must be turned off.

Adjust Your Settings

There is some twist you can make to your Fire Stick that can help you improve its performance. By doing so, you might eliminate the buffering and freezing issues you’ve been experiencing.

To change your Fire TV settings, choose Settings from the Fire TV menu.

  • Choose Settings.
  • Turn off Data Monitoring.
  • Exit Data Monitoring Process
  • Select Notification Settings
  • To keep your smartphone from bothering you, switch off all notifications except those you must have.
  • To exit an event, change your notification settings.
  • Select content from your “Featured” page.
  • Allow Video Autoplay and Allow Audio Autoplay should be disabled.

Eliminate Unnecessary Programs

Don’t forget that your Fire Stick is a computer. Just because there are many fun apps on it doesn’t mean you should install them all. Loading a laptop up with a lot of trash will cause it to run slowly and develop difficulties like any other machine. If you experience performance problems, get rid of any apps you don’t need.

  • From the Fire Stick menu, select Settings.
  • To access these programmes, select Applications.
  • Manage the applications you have already installed.
  • To get rid of an app, find it in your list and then pick Uninstall.
  • Apply this technique to every programme you’re not actively using.

Even if you’re not yet familiar with the Fire TV Stick, you’ll find that it comes with pre-installed apps, so even though you may be a beginner, you might need to locate and remove any pre-installed programmes that are unnecessary.

Stop Letting Your Fire TV Stick Memory Get Eaten Up

Running many applications will make the Fire Stick run out of RAM quite rapidly. when the RAM is full it simply stops or is stuck in a loop, never stopping. Clean Master allows you to easily clear up RAM. Clean Master offers a memory cleaning function on your Fire TV Stick. Install the programme, select Memory Cleaning, and let it work.

A VPN is Necessary

You should know from the above that having a fast internet connection is necessary for a Fire Stick to function smoothly. While throttling is generally only reserved for extreme situations, your Internet provider may be limiting your speeds in some cases when you’re using streaming video.

To combat internet congestion, you can just use throttling, which is simply slowing down your internet. You have a work-around for throttling which is quite easy to implement. Connecting to a different server via a VPN will prevent network congestion and throttling.

Prevent Tracking of Your Information

To keep from using more data than your internet service provider allows, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your internet usage using the data monitoring feature. That said, this option only requires a small number of system resources, so you might want to disable it and instead focus on running other applications. You can disable data monitoring by following these steps:

  • Press the Home button.
  • Go to Preferences from the Settings menu.
  • Select the Data Monitoring option.
  • Click on Data Monitoring to enable/disable it.

It gives out notifications:

In addition to perhaps interrupting your workflow, notifications can be distracting to some degree. On the Fire TV, you can block all notifications or enable/disable them individually. You can control your notifications via these steps:

  • Press the Home button.
  • Go to Preferences from the Settings menu.
  • Go to Notifications to Set Up Notifications.
  • Turn on don’t click on it or turn off notifications in the app.

Factory Restoration

This is a “desperate measure” when all of the other fixes suggested in this article have failed and you’re having problems getting good performance out of your Jailbreak Fire Stick.

After you uninstall all apps that were not included when you got your device, you will also change all of your settings back to their default state. Make sure you go through this list again after uninstalling the apps so you can modify the settings back.

  • Press the Home button.
  • On the next screen, select Devices.
  • Select “Reset to Factory Defaults” and scroll to the bottom of the screen.
  • Confirm the process by using the Reset button and waiting for the process to finish.


Use the steps outlined above to handle any difficulties you run into with your Fire Stick.


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