How to Create Great Presentations for Tech & Marketing Audiences


Business owners in different industries need to introduce their businesses to potential clients and other stakeholders. Presentations are majorly an old-school marketing technique for businesses. But then, it is still a skill that modern marketers need to learn even with the advent of digital marketing.

It can be challenging to tailor presentations for tech and marketing audiences. This is because you need to ensure your presentation looks professional and accurate to get good results. Thankfully, there are different strategies that you can use to create clear and compelling presentations for these audiences.

Let’s check them out below.

1. Define Your Customer Personas

The first thing to do when creating a presentation is to define your target audience. Making your presentation about your audience can help you get the desired results. But then, it all starts with creating customer personas using different sets of data from your market.

Defining your target audience with personas is beneficial in several ways. First, it helps you understand your audience’s environment and needs. For example, tech and marketing audiences have different emotional and physical needs from other audiences. Tapping into these needs can get you better results.

2. Seize Your Audience’s Attention

The first thing to do when you get onto that stage is to grab your audience’s attention. We have already mentioned why identifying your audience’s needs and pain points is vital. Starting your presentation with a question tailored to your audience’s needs is ideal for starting your presentation.

For instance, some topics matter to a marketing audience. If it is about content marketing, an example of what to mention is how a marketer can improve content marketing ROI. This can ignite emotions in your marketing audience and make them pay attention to the rest of your presentation.

3. Use Interesting Backgrounds

It is also crucial to make your presentations as enjoyable as possible. One of the most noticeable elements that you need to focus on is the background. 

You can easily find the best presentation backgrounds from different online resources. These sources provide free, ready-to-use presentation backgrounds. It makes choosing a background easier because you have options. You don’t have to start from scratch if you find a good background to use.

But, finding presentation backgrounds isn’t enough; you should know how to use them. You should avoid using the same background for an entire presentation. Ensuring you mix backgrounds can help to make your presentation engaging and interesting. Plain and boring presentations generate little results.

4. Get Software Savvy


Creating presentations has become easier with the wide availability of software. The software that you choose can help you create clean and professional slides. Every presenter should know about; PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides, including the pros and cons of using each of them. 

PowerPoint is arguably the most popular presentation software used today. It is easy to use, supports various file types, and comes with diverse PowerPoint themes and backgrounds. If working on a tight budget, you can opt for Google Slides, which is free to use. Keynote also has various benefits and is also worth using.

5. Tell an Engaging Story Backed by Data

You can also use stories to make your presentation effective. Storytelling helps to make your presentation relatable and highly personal. Besides, stories help drive your point home as they can include real-life examples that drive emotions and move your audience to take the desired actions.

But then, your stories should not miss valuable data. Data-driven marketing is the best technique that businesses can use to attract significant industry stakeholders. Therefore, you need to make sure you get everything right and support it with data from a reliable source. That’s the easiest way to convince people.

6. Keep it Simple with Minimal Slides

Professional-looking and polished presentations can get you the best results. It would be best to keep your presentation as simple as possible with a good mix of slides and white spaces. The secret is to ensure that your presentation doesn’t look cluttered and confusing to your audience.

Research shows that humans have a pitifully low attention span. This means your audience could get distracted if your presentation isn’t clear and concise. In short, the fewer the slides, the more organized your presentation will look. It would help if you aimed for a good balance between slides, text, and white spaces.

7. Think About Content and Style


Every business has a unique identity, and your audience needs to see it in your presentation. The best way to reveal your identity to your audience is through the content you present. It needs to reflect your business values, mission, and vision. Besides, the style needs to be consistent in the entire presentation.

Your business’s style in other marketing techniques can help you establish a baseline for your presentation style. If your social media posts are fun-filled and friendly, you need to maintain the same style in your presentation. You can achieve this by choosing suitable backgrounds, fonts, and colors.

8. Use Humor Wisely

Humor is an essential aspect of any presentation. It would help if you had it in your presentation, but only depending, of course, on how severe the topic is. A presentation that lacks humor feels boring and increases the chances of the audience getting distracted. 

If you’re doing an online presentation, you need to understand that there are no limits to what you can do. The flexibility to design your materials how you deem best is one of the benefits of online advertising. You can include memes, GIFs, witty wordplay, etc., to add a sense of humor.

But then, you also need to be careful about how you use humor in your presentation. The first thing is to ensure it comes out as natural and not forced. It would be best if you also placed it in the right instances not to distract your audience. You also should ensure it fits nicely into the style you want to achieve.


Creating a well-designed and compelling presentation can be daunting. But then, learning some tips and best practices for creating great presentations is worthwhile. This is because top-notch presentations help businesses communicate effectively to different audiences like tech and marketing professionals.

The tips mentioned in this article can help you become a better presenter. Besides, this article has already provided presentation build-up insights. You can now create presentation materials with exciting content, appealing backgrounds, and valuable data in your future presentations.


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