How To Create An Effective Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Throughout the pandemic, lockdown restrictions sparked more than 85,000 online businesses to move to the digital world of e-commerce.

According to a recent article published by the BBC, “people are poised to keep shopping online, even as shops open their doors again. A recent UK survey showed that two in five people intend to carry on purchasing goods online rather than return to stores when they re-open.”

Realistically, this comes as no surprise. As online shopping was already taking the world by storm pre-pandemic, it was inevitable that more stores would move to eCommerce. 

This has led us to wonder what makes a successful eCommerce business? If you’re an online business owner, here are a few top tips on how to create effective customer experience across your eCommerce site.

What Is Customer Experience?

Simply put, customer experience is how a customer finds any direct or indirect interaction with your business. Direct interactions usually occur at a point of purchase, when the customer is browsing your site, or any time you have contact with the customer either by means of email, call, or online chat boxes to help with customer queries. Indirect interactions are things such as word-of-mouth recommendations or criticisms, advertisements, news reports, and online reviews.

How Does Technology Effect Customer Experience?

Any new technology that is integrated into your customer journey across your website, has an impact on customer experience. Average conversion rates for eCommerce are low, they fall between 1.84% – 3.71% in comparison to other industries with an average of 2.35% and 5.31%. Also businesses that have a mobile app for their online store see a much better conversion rate of an estimated 26.4%.

How Can You Improve Customer Experience?

The experts at offer a knowledge management product enabling controlled knowledge in an organization.

In order to build on your customer experience you must first really get to know who your consumer audience is. Find out their demographics – average age, where they’re based, what percentage are male or female? Next, you need to think about ways to engage customer loyalty. One of the best proven ways to tap into this is through creating emotional connections. There are a number of methods you can utilise for this such as discount codes when consumers subscribe to your website or providing a complimentary gift with their first purchase to make them feel valued. Customer loyalty programs are also a useful tool, as more and more brands have started to encourage and reward long-standing customers for their continued support of a business. If you are considering implementing a customer loyalty scheme within your eCommerce business, be sure to enlist the help of an expert CX advisor who can develop a program that is tailor made with your company in mind.


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