How to Clean Tineco Roller?

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There are some major components of the Tineco vacuum mop. Roller is one of the main components of the Tineco vacuum cleaners and is responsible for sucking, picking up the hair from the floor and carpet, and also mopping the surface. Besides using the machine, proper cleaning is necessary for its longevity and performance. If you don’t clean it, the efficiency may decline, and it will end up damaging or not working. But how to clean a Tineco roller?

This guide will tell you step-by-step instructions on how to clean the roller and brush without taking them to the repair shop. So, let’s get deeper into the details.

What is the Tineco Roller, and what is its essential role?

Some people don’t exactly know about the brush roller and its importance in Tineco. As the name suggests, it’s the rotating part of the vacuum cleaner and works with a combination of roller, belt, and hair on it.

When it spins and collects the debris, the small particles stick to the attachments. The brush also gets clogged because of collecting dust from the carpet and stubborn debris from the floor.

The roller consists of a rubber belt that pushes and pulls the dirt when spinning. It’s responsible for two tasks: cleaning the shallower parts of the carpet and removing stubborn spots from the floor.

Cleaning your Tineco Roller in Easy Steps

If you are a beginner and own any Tineco vacuum cleaner model, follow these steps to clean the brush roller:

  • Step 1: First, detach the handle of the Tineco.
  • Step 2: Flip the machine facing roller.
  • Step 3: Check the screws or lid to open it.
  • Step 4: After removing the lid, disconnect the roller from the main body.
  • Step 5: Remove the wrapped hair or other debris using your hands.
  • Step 6: For better cleaning, dip the brush roller in vinegar solution or buy a neutral liquid.
  • Step 7: Keep it idle for a few minutes to let it dry.
  • Step 8: Check the connectors and remove the clogged particles.
  • Step 9: Attach the roller again and enjoy excellent vacuum cleaning.

How to Clean Tineco iFloor?

Here is another excellent Tineco vacuum cleaner model for surprising cleaning. The cleaning method is different from other models. Look at the steps below to clean iFloor’s brush roller if you have it at your home.

  • Detach the handle and flip it.
  • Now open the roller’s lid and remove the roller.
  • Make sure to remove the attached rubber parts with the roller.
  • Now, take a vinegar solution or spray cleaner for the roller.
  • Remove the attached debris with your hands.
  • Keep it in the bowl in the vinegar or desired solution for at least 15 minutes.
  • Now watch it with warm water and let it dry properly.
  • Before attaching it back to the cleaner, remove the stick dust from the roller housing.
  • Now you are good to use it for cleaning.

A Few Tips

Here are a few tips to prevent issues while cleaning the roller.

  • Always remove the roller and its parts gently. Don’t apply too much force because it may cause damage.
  • Do not use cheap cleaning liquids because they can damage the roller’s surface.
  • Don’t forget to lock the plate so that it can rotate easily.
  • Don’t rinse the power brush with water forcefully.


It’s all about cleaning the Tineco brush roller. Make sure to follow the mentioned instructions accurately to prevent any damage and clean it properly. If you use a different model, don’t forget to read its instruction manual. We recommend you use vinegar for better cleaning.


Can I wash my Tineco brush roller?

Yes, they are washable but always use quality products like cleaners or vinegar to clean them.

How do you get rid of the foul smell of the Tineco brush roller?

It’s a real problem nowadays because it becomes smelly due to picking up dust and debris. Regular cleaning is crucial, and it should be properly dried before installing. You can use some fragrant-based liquid to clean the roller.

Does vinegar remove the odor from the Tineco roller?

Yes, it’s an amazing neutralizer that is available in every home. It also makes cleaning affordable.

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