How to Choose the Best Prescription Sunglass

best prescription glasses

Prescription sunglasses can help solve about 80% of visual impairments that affects over 4 billion people. It is more important to wear them now that most of our services and leisure are done online. As such, we spend so much time on the screen working, playing games, etc. 

However, shopping for prescription eyewear online can be extremely overwhelming. There are numerous prescription eyewear brands and frames at your disposal. How do you pick the best that addresses your need?

The biggest dilemma is choosing between different sizes, materials, shapes, and lens types. Also, you need to be confident that the prescription sunglasses you pick are the best. 

So you can determine the best choice of prescription eyewear by considering the following:

  • Your lifestyle, 
  • The shape of your face,
  • Material,
  • Lens coating of the sunglasses,
  • Size, and 
  • Quality.

1. Consider Your Lifestyle When Choosing Prescription Sunglasses

Our work-life environments may vary, but eye protection is necessary in any field to maintain clear vision and ensure safety. Some of the eye-straining conditions you may face include: 

  • Digital screen exposure: Longer screen time can cause eye strain. It can impact your focus, irritation, or cause migraines. Continuous exposure to blue light, dry eyes, or poor lighting could be the causes.
  • Continuous refocusing: Jobs like surgery or plumbing may need excess attention to detail. That means you will strain to see objects out of focus outside the workplace.
  • Dust, chemical spill, or chips: Even the tiniest particles can cause severe harm to your eyes. As such, prescription safety glasses with a protective coating and resistance to breakages will come in handy. 

Regardless of the environment, you and your loved ones need to maintain clear vision, comfort, and safety for your eyes. The conditions are not restricted to work-life alone but also your outdoor lifestyle. For additional protection against the sun’s UV light, you’ll need prescription sunglasses for work life, sports, or outdoor activities. You need to prioritize it if you spend a lot of time outside. This is because too much UV radiation exposure may lead to macular degeneration, a major cause of vision impairment in older people. Moreover, the UVB rays can lead to cataracts’ development. So, it’s essential to invest in the best sunglasses.   

2. Consider the Shape of Your Face

The shape of your face should be a top priority when choosing cool prescription sunglasses.

Frames that contrast your face enhance your appearance better than those that emphasize it. So if you can select square or rectangle prescription sunglasses with a round face, this is because it will make your face appear nicer. And the same is true with squared face people. They might feel prettier with round frames than with squared frames.

As much as it’s not a rule to find your ideal prescription sunglass, you should consider your facial form. But, if you enjoy being in round glasses and have a lovely round face, don’t hesitate to rock them. 

However, picking the right sunglasses involves many other aspects, from the facial form. 

3. Lens Coating of the Sunglasses

lense coating

Another aspect you might want to consider is the different attributes of your lens. You can get other characteristics due to coating. And the lens will keep changing depending on their response to the surroundings. Seek Optics offers a wide range of lens options, including high-quality Oakley replacement lenses. These lenses not only provide excellent clarity and visual performance but also offer additional features through advanced coatings.

Some coatings are responsible for protecting the lenses from scrapes or glaring sun rays. At the same time, others change color depending on the lighting. Here are some of the layers with their benefits:

1. UV Protection Coating

The sun emits harmful UV radiations that lead to most age-related eye conditions, including cataracts and macular degeneration. 

As a result, doctors emphasize the importance of shielding your eyes from UV rays. So you can choose UV protection coating when purchasing prescription sunglasses.

This protective UV coating on your sunglasses acts as a sunscreen for your eyes. 

2. Light Adjusting Coating

You can buy prescription sunglasses with a light-adjusting coating depending on your visual needs. This coating turns darker when you’re outdoors and clearer when indoors. 

This is vital since it shields your eyes from direct sunlight and harmful UV rays. As a result, it will preserve your vision from getting worse.

You can include these coating to almost all lens types and frames from sun wear options. If you frequently alternate indoors and outdoors or care about your overall eye protection. 

Also, when you have light-adjusting sunglasses, you won’t need to carry an extra pair of eyewear. This is because this coating provides the same level of protection as sunglasses. 

3. Anti-Reflective Coating

You might consider selecting the anti-reflective coating as it benefits any pair of sunglasses. Anti-reflective or AR coating helps to eliminate obtrusive glare, computer reflections, etc. 

Moreover, they can virtually eliminate your lens reflection, ensuring they’re less noticeable during shooting sessions or in-person meetings.

If you have high-index lenses investing in the reflective coating is vital as they have higher refractive indices. As a result of their high refractive lenses, they can reflect up to 50% more light than standard lenses. The lack of AR coating leads to an increase in glare on the traditional lenses.

If you frequently drive at night and work with computers or cameras, then it’s vital you have anti-reflective lenses on your sunglasses.

4. Anti-Scratch

I get it, no pair of glasses can’t break, but it doesn’t harm to safeguard them. You can invest in an anti-scratch coating to protect your lenses from scratches and abrasions from normal wear and tear. Also, the layer helps to reinforce the lenses from drops. 

Some of the eyewear vendors include this coating in some of their packages. So be sure to ask for it when buying your prescription sunglasses. 

5. Gradient Tint Coating

You can buy prescription sunglasses that have gradient coating. These are the best lens coatings as they feature a dark tint at the top that gradually lightens up as they descend. 

The gradient coating lens protects you from the harsh sun and gives you ample privacy. Also, these resulting lens gives you different levels of light. 

The only downside with gradient coating is that it works well with a frame height greater than 36mm. You can pick gradient coating sunglasses if you don’t like the idea of wearing uniformly dark sunglasses. 

4. Consider the Type of Material Used

After determining your face shape and the frames that suit you, you need to choose the material. You can either go for metal or plastic frames.

Advantages of Metal Frames

Metal is highly recommended because of its sturdiness. You can comfortably rock them when you’re going for sports or other outdoor activities. 

Moreover, another advantage of metal frames is that you can easily adjust the nose piece, unlike with plastic frames. Also, metal frames come with a half-rim or without a rim. 

Benefits of Plastic Frames

plastic frame

The beauty of plastic frames is the wide variety it presents. Plastic frames come in many colors and shapes. As much as you can get affordable options for both materials, plastic frames are more affordable than metal frames.

Moreover, plastic frames are ideal for people with metal allergies. You can go for plastic frames as they’re generally lightweight compared to metal frames. 

7. Select the Right Size 

When buying prescription sunglasses, you might want to consider the size of the frames. If you go for the larger frames, you’re confident they will protect your skin and eyes as it covers more of your face.

It’s an added advantage to have large round sunglasses that can block rays from the sides. Besides, you must pick sunglasses that properly fit your face. The sunglasses should have a tight fit on the face. So, choose wraparound sunglasses if you want to block out light completely. 

Take Away

Your vision is one of the most crucial aspects of your daily activities. So, it’s vital you buy prescription sunglasses to improve and protect your eyesight.

Choose lenses with the suitable coating, size, and material that suit you and your lifestyle. The above tips will ensure you select the best prescription sunglasses. 

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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