How to Choose the Best Locations for Your Yard Signs – Tips for Local Businesses

Yard Sign

The old advertising adage, that the three factors crucial for the success of retail businesses are location, location, and location, holds even now. A business can offer the best of products and services, however, if it is not visible to its target audience, potential customers will not remember it when they shop. For local small businesses that tend to have severe limitations of budget, yard sign advertising can play an important role in boosting brand awareness and driving sales. It is not only affordable but also easy to set up. Some valuable tips on choosing the best locations for your yard signs:

Identify High-Impact Areas

According to Forbes, for location-based advertising to work, you need to understand your target audience. Since the objective of placing yard signs is to drive traffic to your business and generate sales, you must choose their locations carefully. It is natural to think that by placing the signs in high-traffic areas, you would benefit the most; however, it is not necessarily true. You will be better off putting up the yard signs in the areas where your target audience lives, works, or relaxes. People from across the town are not likely to visit your small business or retail store. It is a good idea to put up as many signs as possible in a five-mile radius of your business as this is from where most of your customers are likely to come. Putting up the signs in places where they are most visible or where people stop and have the chance to notice your advertising is the best.

Keep Relocating Your Signs

Even though blank yard signs are highly affordable, you may consider changing the locations of your yard signs from time to time instead of just buying more. After some time, people stop noticing your signs, and they are not effective anymore. If the locations are strategically important, you can refresh the design of your advertisement to attract attention once again. If you must relocate the signs, do so only after you are sure that they have outlived their use.

Check Local Laws

You need to check the state and local laws and regulations governing the display of advertising signs by businesses. Conducting your research before you start putting up your yard signs is advisable, else they might be removed and you may have to pay a hefty fine for flouting the rules. However, it is important to know that if any state, city, or town allows the display of temporary or permanent signage then they cannot deny permission to any business to display signs of the same dimensions and placement. If any permission is required to be obtained, you must naturally get them.


Yard signs are a great way of advertising your local business, however, you must get the location right to have the right impact and generate a positive return on investment. It can be a good idea to approach friends, relatives, neighbors, etc., to seek permission to display a yard sign for a few days.


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