How to Choose a Forex Broker?

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Perhaps when Forex was just beginning to be popularized and there were still a few brokers, traders did not have a problem determining which of the brokers could be trusted. At least, this problem was not as urgent as it is now. Although the market was less controlled, and often traders were left with nothing, they choose an unreliable broker. Currently, there are a lot of brokers, but it remains unclear how to choose a Forex broker. Now a beginner in Forex is simply at a loss. How to choose from hundreds of brokers the one that fits all criteria, including the amount of the minimum deposit, spread, etc.?

Why is it difficult to choose a broker?

The broker does not just help traders carry out transactions. They have many tools that make transactions successful and profitable. The broker’s job is more complicated than it seems.

Brokers are now actively assuring their potential customers that this particular company is the best, and colorful advertising banners only reinforce this impression.

But there have already been many cases where brokers deceived their clients, leaving them without money in the end. Unreliable brokers use various schemes to get customers’ money.

  • For example, they hire special managers of trading accounts who take control of traders’ money, but in fact they appropriate it.
  • It is also very common for unscrupulous brokers to deceive customers by claiming that they withdraw transactions to the interbank market, but in fact they just wait until customers put larger amounts into their accounts, and then they simply close.

A legitimate question arises: how can a trader avoid such scammers? How can one determine that the broker chosen for work is real and that he deserves to be called a reliable financial partner and deserves trust?

How to choose a broker?

There are enough options now.

  • A trader can independently try several dozen brokers to understand which one is better, but it is unprofitable, at least financially. After all, no one wants to risk their money like that. Before you find a reliable broker, you can lose all your money, and you simply won’t need a broker anymore.
  • You can search for reviews on the Internet and already use them to form an impression of the company. This option is realistic, but not quite perfect, because reviews on untested resources may turn out to be paid or simply advertising. In addition, there are situations when the trader himself made a mistake and lost the deposit, but does not admit his mistake and writes in the review that the broker is to blame.
  • The third and most correct option is to use information from the ratings of forex brokers. So, ratings are formed by analyzing the reviews of real traders who have some experience working with brokers.

The rating is compiled by independent companies and agencies. They have built strict criteria, so you will have to try to get each assessment. Rating is an authoritative opinion of experts. If you are a beginner and do not understand how to choose a broker, then a rating is what you need.

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