How to Become MCSA SQL 2016 Database Development Certified through Microsoft 70-761 and Practice Tests?

The need for arranging organizational or individual data is never going to cease any time soon. Data is everywhere and data is everything. Database development is a tool that has simplified the way we analyze and process our reports. Currently, database developers are the most essential professionals in every work environment. Microsoft has taken a step to validate the skills of these professionals to ensure that they do not mess up with our data. It offers industry-standard certifications thatcan equip IT professionals with profound skills and knowledge and lead them to numerous benefits.

So, to understand more about it, let’s look into the Microsoft associate-level badge in SQL 2016 Database Development and one of its associate exams, the Microsoft MS-300 MS-500 MD-101 70-461 MS-200 98-364 DP-200 98-366 A+, Security+ Network+ Practice Test. In addition, we will contemplate using practice tests as a reliable means of your exam prep. Be all eyes and let’s start!


MCSA SQL 2016 Database Development Certification

Let’s drill down into this associate-level credential first.

The MCSA SQL 2016 Database Development badgeis designed to equip you with the utmost skills to demonstrate your prowess as a database professional in both Cloud-based and on-premises databases. You can only achieve this credential by excellingin 2 exams as follows:

  • 70-761 Exam: Data Query with Transact-SQL
  • 70-762 Exam: SQL Database Development

To understand how Microsoft tests your knowledge in database development, let’s dive into exam 70-761 which is the center of this particular article. Go on to the following passage to find out more.


What You Should Know about 70-761 Exam?

The first thing to know is that the Microsoft 70-761 examevaluates your knowledge of data management and programming with Transact-SQL. What is more, you should be skilled at querying data with its components visit

As for the details of the test, every candidate who desires to pass this test should prepare to answer 40-60 questions within 2 hours. The tasks are exclusively extracted from the above topics and it only costs $165 to sit for this exam.

As well, it’s worth mentioning one more time that upon passing the two aforementioned exams (70-761 and 70-762) you will be awarded the MCSA in SQL 2016 Database Development credential that showcases your competency in database development. Thereafter, it is important to broaden your knowledge base by earning the MCSE in Data Management and Analytics badge, which is the expert-level certification and testifies your advanced skills.

But let’s cross the bridge when we come to it and concentrate now on the practice tests that are an irreplaceable aid to helping you pass 70-761 in the first attempt.


How to Start 70-761Test Prep with the Help of Practice Tests?

So, you are almost ready to sit for the two assessments and pass. However, you have to ensure that you have covered all the concepts featured in the test objectives. Therefore, we find it wise to share with you a strategy that will help you pass the exam with flying colors. Let’s get started!


  • Know the exam objectives

The exam objectives should always be your ultimate tool to guide during the entire preparation process. This is because they highlight every aspect you must be conversant with. It also guides you on the extent to which you should go during your preparation. As a result, you will be able to utilize your time by reading the topics or content which will probably be tested in the exam.


  • Practice

Practice indeed makes perfect, so you have to consider taking regular practice during your entire concepts. A good practice is doing the training that is demonstrated or assigned by the instructor, cause some of 70-761 concepts such as the variable declaration, attributes and tuples require you to implement them by yourself and some of the real exam questions will assess your practical understanding of the key concepts. Thus, Microsoft offers the instructor-led training for its 70-761 assessment where you will always be able to learn the answers to the problematic issues with the help of an IT expert in the field. To find out more about the vendor’s other 70-761 exam prep methods, check out their official page.


  • Prepare with practice tests

One more beneficial resource to ace your 70-761 test is to prepare with the practice tests from the It is necessary to get used to the type and format of 70-761 exam questions. Free and updated practice tests from the give you a clear picture of what the main assessment looks like because they are uploaded by recent exam-takers. Besides, they build your confidence to sit for the main assessment because the questions cover the exam objectives. Together with those, you can opt for the 70-761 Premium Bundle which costs just $49.99 and is a real snip! You guess, why? Just because this package has an expert-verified collection of previous test questions and answers, a training course and study guide for your forthcoming assessment.Three items at an affordable price! However, don’t forget that all items from Exam-Labs go in the vce format and install the VCE Exam Simulator. Its pluses are covered below.


  • Use the VCE Exam Simulator

Before going to the exam setup, it is always important to get familiar with the entire situation. The VCESoftware gives you a perfect simulation of the real exam environment and was designed to help candidates preparing for certification exams. It offers you an opportunity to create, edit and do practice exams in a way that is similar to that of the main exam environment. Besides, this VCE Player helps you track your performance every time you take a practice test because it has a scoresheet button which allows you to analyze your performance.

We aren’t convincing but practice tests are evidently the best way to get ready for your 70-761 test.


Career Prospects

After becoming accredited you might be thinking of your career prospects. So, with the MCSA SQL 2016 Database Development badge you can be shortlisted for such vacancies as a:

  • Software Developer
  • Database Developer
  • Database Administrator

According to the latest research done by the, it shows that MCSA professionals earn an average basic salary of $83,000 per year.

We do hope you find this information useful, but it’s time for us to call it a day. Let’s draw conclusions.



Data is the most crucial aspect to consider in every organization. The database professionals should always find techniques and solutions to real-world problems by upgrading their skills through high-quality certifications. The MCSA SQL 2016 Database Development credential will surely boost your understanding of the database development world. But it’s not a piece of cake to obtain it. Pass the Microsoft 70-761 and 70-762 tests and then the badge is in your pocket. Just check out Exam-Labs and make use of their free and actual practice tests and you are sure to win this exam fight. Make a choice today and be the next professional tomorrow!


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