How to Add the Most Luxurious Materials to Your Interior Design


If you are thinking about the renovation of your apartment or your house you may consider adding something new. Expensive finishing materials in the interior: proven functionality or an element of luxury?

In interior design, one of the leading roles is occupied by the quality of materials. Expensive finishing materials include stone, elite woods, etc. – many are skeptical of these materials and consider this choice an unjustified luxury. There is even an opinion that the cost is due not so much to the characteristics as to the popularity or reputation of the material. Is that so?

In fact, expensive textures are often worth the money, especially if you buy them from the right suppliers. It is better to entrust both the entire design project and the choice of materials to specialists. They will be able to choose the best option for your interior.

Expensive finishing materials and their benefits 

Among the variety of finishing materials that are presented on the modern market, we analyzed and chose the most popular, the cost of which is fully justified by the quality characteristics and service life.


A truly royal material that has always been associated with luxury and wealth. But today it is not necessary to use it in the style of palace chic, natural stone is quite suitable for use in modern interiors. Particularly in demand are universal gray shades that adapt perfectly to any ambiance. You can develop a stylish design using marble on your own, having previously studied the finished interiors, which are so many on the Internet, or you can turn to experienced designers for help.


In addition to its beautiful appearance, this material has incredible wear resistance – it lasts 50 years or more. Marble is not afraid of moisture, and impact load, suitable for installing equipment, as it does not conduct electricity. Widely used in high-end restaurants.


This valuable wood species is suitable for making furniture, flooring, and wall coverings. For example, Liberty furniture has a large choice of furniture pieces made from this material. The older the wood, the more expensive and resistant the material. Teak is a floor covering that is not exposed to the damaging effects of moisture, and decay is resistant to mechanical damage and is considered environmentally friendly. If the laying technology is considered, it will last for decades, and besides, it is not hard to care for.


The stone of natural origin is catching up with marble in popularity. The material is environmentally friendly, durable, with high resistance to moisture (can be installed even in the bathroom or in wet areas of the kitchen), is not afraid of temperature changes, and does not fade under the constant influence of ultraviolet radiation. It is used to decorate walls, floors, fireplaces, and stairs. In addition, slate is not very difficult to work with, which has a positive effect on the final repair costs.

Wood Slabs

These are natural woodcuts that gained their popularity due to eco-design but are used today in contrast with other styles. It is used mainly made for:

  • countertops;
  • bar counters and chairs;
  • wall panels;
  • window sills.

Slabs with the original natural curvature of the trunk are most valued. The natural cut allows you to create unique interior items in a single variant.


The combination of slabs with epoxy filling looks original, besides, the resin allows you to perfectly level the surface without hiding the beauty of the natural cut.

Wood veneered panels

Veneer wall panels allow you to decorate walls with expensive types of wood while choosing from a wide palette of colors and shades. This treatment is also considered environmentally friendly, and sustainable enough to be used in public places – cafes, restaurants, offices, and conference rooms.

Stone veneer

The stone analog of veneered panels is also not inferior to wood. It is actively used for wall cladding, furniture, and the production of decorative items. The characteristics are almost as good as natural stone, and the ease of use and functionality are even higher.

Expensive finishing materials are not only an opportunity to emphasize the status of a room, it is also health safety, and beauty that never goes out of fashion, and a good investment in repairs that will not require renovation for many years.


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