How To Add Excitement To Your Lunch Breaks

Excitement To Your Lunch Breaks

When you are thinking about your day at work, you may find that lunch breaks are not the most exciting part of your day. You might feel that they are exactly the wrong length of time to get anything done, and yet they are too long to sit and twiddle your thumbs without getting bored.

With that in mind, here are some fantastic ways to spend your lunch break. All you will need is your cell phone and some earphones (so that you do not disturb others while you enjoy yourself), and a bit of space where you feel comfortable. 

Watch a movie on your cell phone

Being able to watch those movies which you have always wanted to watch or maybe one or two that your other half is not sure about can be a great way of spending your lunch break. With so many movies available online and waiting to be streamed or downloaded straight to your cell phone, you could end up with a super long list of titles that you just know that you will love.

You will not need to worry about missing any of the action should you be disturbed, as you can pause your movies and come back to them later when you have time

Play video games

Playing video games is another great way to spend your lunch breaks. There are so many different types and genres of games available. Some you will have to play online, while others you can download and play offline whenever you want to.

You may find that an hour lunch break is not quite long enough to play one of the long, drawn-out games. You just get into what your character is supposed to be doing and then find you have to put the game to one side to go back to work. 

However, there are plenty of shorter games available such as the match four or the casino-styled games. Many of them can be found on sites such as CafeCasino where there is a range of different games that can be easily picked up and put down when you have spare time. So lunch break is perfect, but maybe also if you find yourself with downtime or a tea break too.

Catch up on your favorite TV shows

As with streaming movies, you can also stream your favorite TV programs so that you can keep track of what is happening within your favorite characters on-screen life or even watch classic TV series.

Going through the available box sets that are on offer to be watched, you are very likely to find something that gets your juices running, whether it is a series that brings back memories of childhood or programs that you really enjoyed and would like to see again and again.

Enjoy your favorite bands latest release

Search the internet to find your favorite band’s new releases and maybe even stumble across a video of them playing live, or just looking for new inspiration when it comes to freshening up your music tastes in the hunt for something new is a great way to spend your spare time during your lunch break.

With channels such as Spotify, you can listen not only to your favorite music but also have some tracks recommended to you, and this can be very exciting, especially when you come across something that you have not heard before, but that really appeals to you.

Your own little world

So, if you have your cell phone on you, which it is highly likely that you will have, and you have managed to find yourself in a comfortable, quiet area, you can get your earphones out and plug yourself into your own little world and let the entertainment commence.

Finding yourself a movie to watch, regardless of whether it is one that you have seen before, one that you really want to watch, or one that doesn’t go down too well with other members of your household, should be relatively easy. You can then sit back and enjoy your movie. If you find that there are sequels to your choice, then that is even better as you will be able to watch the box set over the course of your lunch breaks before you have to go looking for another movie that grabs you.

This is also true of streaming TV shows to your cell phone. Being able to watch one episode a lunch break will indeed bring a lot of enjoyment to you as you watch the entire series over the course of a fortnight or so.

Getting yourself lost in the world of gaming is not only exciting but also a form of escapism that can be very enjoyable, especially if you choose the games that suit you and your time the best.

Listening to music is always a good release, especially if you find something that you really like but have not heard before, whether it is recommended to you by a friend or by the channel that you are listening such as Spotify.


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