How to Ace Your Health Game with Cannabis in 2021


People are embracing the use of alternative medicine and natural remedies to improve their physical and mental health. The shift from modern medicine to alternative therapies is because of the side effects associated with the former.

Cannabis is among the natural remedies proven to improve health and life quality. It works by communicating with receptors in the Endocannabinoid system (ECS), influencing their behaviour. The ECS is a physiological system that plays a role in brain and organ function, the nervous system, and body immunity.

Whether you want to manage a pre-existing condition or simply want to boost your health, cannabis can help you. Here’s how it works.

1. Manage Anxiety and Depression

Life in 2021 is full of stressful situations from work and family to finances; the raging pandemic only worsens matters. As a result, many people are silently battling depression and anxiety disorders. Stress and anxiety often lead to significant health problems like high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, gastronomical issues, and eating disorders.

Fortunately, cannabis can help prevent the occurrence and progression of these ailments. Using quality products from Just Cannabis Store will help you manage various mental illnesses like depression and anxiety without risking the adverse side effects of pharmaceuticals.

Cannabis reduces anxiety levels by stimulating the hormone serotonin found in the brain. Serotonin is among the four “happy hormones; ” it functions as a mood stabilizer, promoting wellbeing and happiness. Therefore, cannabis helps inculcate a positive mindset necessary for tackling life’s challenges. It also saves you the time and money that treating chronic health conditions would cost.

Manage Anxiety and Depression

2. Manage Your Blood Pressure

Recent studies in the management and treatment of high blood pressure show that the cannabinoid THC present in marijuana helps lower blood pressure. High blood pressure or hypertension is a health condition whereby one’s blood pressure is constantly above normal.

Also referred to as the “silent killer,” hypertension lacks apparent symptoms; however, it is a risk factor for fatal cardiovascular conditions. Statistics show that 19% (six million) of Canadian adults have high blood pressure and 17% remain unaware of their condition.

Research into marijuana’s efficacy in managing high blood pressure shows that THC suppresses cardiovascular muscle contraction and causes them to relax. When cardiac muscles relax, they have a larger volume and carry more blood to the organs with minimal effort. Although people experience a rise in heart rate when using marijuana, the elevated heart rate only lasts a few minutes.

3. Adopt Healthy Regular Sleep Patterns

Adopt Healthy Regular Sleep Patterns

Cannabis is a great sleeping aid for people struggling with various kinds of sleeping disorders. Sleep deprivation caused by sleep disorders is a risk factor for chronic heart conditions, mental illnesses, and metabolic illnesses like diabetes. Cannabis helps manage chronic insomnia, improves night breathing among people with sleep apnea, and inhibits dreams for people struggling with exhaustive sleep.

Studies also reveal THC’s efficacy in managing sleep conditions compared to CBD. The studies show THC has a sleep-inducing effect while CBD enhances alertness. THC induces physical and mental relaxation coupled with drowsiness; therefore, high-THC cannabis products are better for managing sleep disorders.

Note that using low-grade cannabis to treat insomnia can aggravate the situation by causing next-day hangovers. High-quality marijuana products bought from legal Canadian marijuana dispensaries have no side effects when treating sleeping disorders.

4. Adapt and Exercise Routine

Exercising is essential for our physical and mental health as it helps ward off many diseases and mental disorders. However, most people lack the energy and the motivation to establish and adhere to an exercise routine. But you don’t have to struggle anymore; a dose of cannabis can help you get the energy and drive necessary to stick to your exercise routine.

The THC in cannabis triggers brain receptors that regulate the hormone dopamine, a “happy hormone” associated with motivation, reward, and enjoyment. Dopamine makes your brain register your exercise goal (e.g., fitness) as a reward and gives you the focus to work toward that goal.

It also makes repetitive activities like running, walking on a treadmill, or lifting weights seem enjoyable.

5. Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Anecdotal evidence shows that cannabis may aid overweight and obese people in losing weight. Multiple research studies and meta-analyses show that people who take cannabis have a lower body mass index (BMI) hence, are not obese.

Among the theories that explain the correlation between cannabis and weight loss is that cannabis raises metabolism similarly to weight loss supplements. Cannabis also improves sleep patterns; poor sleeping habits promote eating disorders that lead to obesity.

Using cannabis for weight loss will help you ward off obesity, which is a risk factor for multiple chronic illnesses.

6. Prevent and Treat Migraines

Almost 3.5 million Canadian adults suffer from migraines, yet only half the cases remain undiagnosed by a physician. Some migraine cases are so severe that victims have to seek disability benefits because they cannot work.

The root causes of migraines remain unknown to date. However, cannabis can both prevent and treat migraines by reducing the pain caused by the migraines.


Cannabis has numerous health benefits; however, it has unique effects on each user. If you are unsure about any cannabis therapy, please consult a marijuana doctor. Also, always buy your cannabis from legal cannabis dispensaries for your safety and maximum effects.


Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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