How Tech Can Help Us Prepare For Events in 2021

Technology has played a huge part in helping people still move forward in 2020. It has enabled thousands of people to work remotely and host virtual events across the globe. This could mean technology is only going to help us further as we navigate our lives through the “new normal”.

Tech has already helped the events industry massively, and we can only expect it will continue to help that industry prepare for the next year. We’re going to take a look at some of the parts tech is going to play in the preparation for future events.


If events are going to happen, it’s going to be because safety measures are in place to protect visitors. One thing we can expect from technology is new ways to test visitors at the entrances to get an accurate positive or negative result, this could be through testing temperature using scanners or having rapid testing on sight.

Reduce contact

Another way technology is going to play a big part in events happening is by reducing contact. Event managers make use of event rental management software for online payments, inventory management, and place orders and quotes that help them go contactless. Also, tickets are likely to become predominantly digital-only and event organizers could look into having an app that can provide visitors with the required information.

Personal hygiene

Hand washing has always been essential but it’s been required much more regularly through 2020 (cleaning your hands as you clean your shopping trolley in the supermarket was a whole new experience for everyone we think). We think hand washing and sanitising when entering, exiting and throughout an event will be here to stay, with technology helping to automatically dispense hand sanitiser. We’ve already seen portable toilets, such as those from Fortis Hire, use foot-operated flushes and handwashing stations to reduce contact with taps and toilet flushes – so this could become the norm.

Virtual attendance

We touched on this a little earlier, but technology could help doors reopen as they could off a mix of in-person tickets and online-only tickets. The real tickets will see people actually attend the event (a great idea if there is a reduced capacity allowed in the venue) and then virtual tickets will allow people to tune into seminars and arrange video calls with exhibitors. One of the benefits to allowing a mixture of attendees means the event can still make money from tickets or advertising if there is a capacity limit or any restrictions in place which mean people from some areas of the country – or a whole another country completely – can’t attend.

These are just some areas where we have seen technology already thriving, but who knows, by the time 2021 arrives we could have developed something completely new to take events to the next level.


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