How Tax Relief Companies Can Help with Your Debt

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If you think that you are the only one struggling with IRS debt, then you are mistaken. There are many tax relief companies which stand with you in difficult times and tell you what to do in these unpleasant situations.

Tax relief firms, such as Coast One Tax Group, provide several ways and tactics for reducing your tax payments. Each tax relief firm has competent attorneys and lawyers who can offer legal guidance and aid if necessary. These tax relieving firms offer different tax relieving options which are totally legal. Actually, the federal government has made these options available to people who are unable to pay their taxes.

Tax settlement services can also communicate with the IRS on your behalf and prepare and file your tax returns to help with back taxes. As a result, it is preferable to take help from such firms by paying them a little in order to avoid paying thousands of dollars in taxes.

Tax Relief Companies’ Methods of Assisting Debtors

Typically, tax relief firms operate in the following manner.

1. Consultation

To begin with, tax relaxation firms offer free consultations to debtors. You go to the firms, and they examine your situation and advise you on how to lower your tax liability or save your assets from being seized by the IRS.

2. Act As Your Representatives

If you hire tax relieving firms, then there is no need to meet IRS officials face to face. The attorneys of tax relieving firms will do this for you. It is because the government has granted you the authority to present others on your behalf in front of the IRS.

Attorneys typically go to the IRS and request them for tax relief directly. As the attorneys are qualified and experienced so if the IRS makes a mistake, these attorneys will spot it instantly. They will point out these mistakes and then discuss it with IRS authorities in order to reduce your overall tax bill.

Therefore, you will stay relaxed from any hassle as your representatives will do your job perfectly.

3. Protect Your Asset and Liabilities From Seizures

Liens are when the IRS claims your property or other belongings through legal documents. A levy occurs when the IRS seizes your personal belongings and sells them to pay off your debts.

It is preferable to contact tax relief firms if you acquire liens. They will personally contact the IRS and work out a plan to obtain your property back from the IRS’s grasp. They may ask for installment or evidence that your income is insufficient to cover the taxes.  Therefore the tax should be forgiven or at least reduced.

4. File Your Taxes And Save Your Liabilities

Every American citizen is required to file taxes based on their income. If they don’t submit their taxes, the IRS can bring serious charges against them and seize their homes and other significant assets. If you haven’t filed your taxes and have received an IRS notice, it’s time to contact tax relieving firms. They will contact the IRS and request any available settlement options. You will eventually discover a method to save your home or any other liability which is claimed by the IRS. You can also get services from these companies to file your taxes on time so that you don’t have to deal with similar issues in the future.

5. Tax Audits

If the IRS finds any problems with calculations in your tax returns, then they may call you to their office for an audit. They can also contact you if you claim many deductions from your already filed taxes. Now, in this situation, tax firms can assist you as they can visit the IRS office on your behalf and appear in your audit. These experienced attorneys can fight back with the IRS through their knowledge and let you win your claims.

6. Negotiate an Offer In Compromise with the IRS

To settle your bills, professional tax relief companies deal with the IRS in OIC. OIC allows you to save your liabilities by paying a smaller portion of tax than the total amount you owe. The procedure entails a lot of paperwork, which tax relief companies handle for you. As a result, you can relax while sharing your load with these businesses.

7. Provides Bookkeeping

It will be challenging to keep track of all financial data if you have large firms and corporations. You must have a balanced financial statement with each item accounted for at the end of the year in order to file your taxes. Tax relief companies often offer bookkeeping services and keep meticulous records of your ledgers.

8. Penalty Abatement

The IRS will charge you fines if you are unable to pay your taxes due to natural disasters, illness, or the loss of records on time. Contacting third-party tax relief organizations in this situation will help you to get rid of these penalties. The tax relieving firms will write applications for your penalty abatements after investigating your situation thoroughly.

Most of the taxpayers do this process individually. Due to their mistakes and lack of information, their applications get canceled easily. Your penalty abatement applications will be accepted by the IRS in no time if you use a reputable company. These companies have already experience in how to make your penalty abatement applications get accepted by the IRS.

9. Filing for Relief by Separation of Liability/ Equitable

If you filed joint tax returns previously but for now you are separated from your spouse or partner then you don’t need to pay joint taxes. You can request the IRS to deduct from your total amount of taxes and let you pay your own debts only.

Tax relief providers will do this by submitting an application to the IRS with all of the necessary evidence. The IRS will offer you Innocent Spouse Relief, Relief by Separation of Liabilities, or Equitable Relief after reviewing your application.

You can do it on your own, but the greatest tax relief firm can assist you in gathering evidence to strengthen your case. As a result, you will be guaranteed a tax reduction by IRC.


Tax relief firms can help you with your tax issues and provide you legal alternatives to lower your taxes. These businesses charge a premium for providing you with high-quality services. In other words, rather than spend a little and then suffer a lot, it is best to hire such companies and ensure your liabilities are protected from IRS seizures.

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