How STAR’S TECH ECO-ST de-icer is Taking the Ice-Melting Business by a Storm Using Biowaste

ECO-ST De-icer

The world is all about sustainability, and rightly so, but many might be surprised to find that sustainability and environmental responsibility are crucial to the de-icing industry. While strong chemicals are used by many to break up ice, these can also pose a threat to the environment. That’s why STAR’S TECH de-icer uses more sustainable solutions to de-icing using biowaste.

How ECO-ST deicer is made from biowaste

As a South Korean company, ECO-ST is well aware of the problems starfish cause. These marine creatures are often found in the seas surrounding South Korea, and while they might be pretty to look at, they can also cause huge problems. Starfish’s high fertility rate and devours lifestyle impact fishermen harvesting clams and abalones. What’s more, the government spends approximately $58 million disposing of them, as they are considered biowaste.

A less-wasteful solution

The annual cost of disposing of biowaste is so high that ECO-ST has developed a biowaste product made from starfish so that these can be used practically. By utilizing the starfish that would otherwise be disposed of, they provide semi-organic solutions to de-icing and save on expenses caused by the excess of starfish in South Korea. ECO-ST, therefore, shows themselves to take economic and social responsibility for problems affecting the community, and have found innovative solutions to reduce waste.

How does STAR’S TECH ECO-ST de-icer work?

STAR’S TECH ECO-ST de-icer uses starfish bone chips in their design. These have incredibly porous structures which are great at adsorbing chloride ions during melting performances. Chloride ions are harmful and can be found.

These can damage wildlife and infrastructure, and traditional deicers promote this chloride build-up. Unlike them, the ECO-ST actually adsorbs dangerous chloride ions, reducing the amount in groundwater. This reduces environmental impact and makes for a more sustainable solution to de-icing with less endangerment to wildlife or infrastructure.

Benefits of ECO-ST

By using sustainable solutions to de-icing, ECO-ST provides a less-wasteful solution that is both environmentally friendlier and cost-effective. It is also ideal for use in dense areas since it doesn’t damage floor surfaces or increase chloride ion concentration which can prove harmful to wildlife.

Benefits of ECO-ST include that it is much safer for vegetation, and is also more pet friendly than other de-icers. Many pet owners worry about conventional de-icers because they are toxic when ingested and cause painful burns and sores on pets’ paws due to their harsh chemical compounds.

Because STAR’S TECH deicer is made from biowaste, it minimizes the environmental damage caused by other de-icers. It also has a round, bead-like shape with a coating substance that prevents any injuries or burns on your pets’ paws. ECO-ST also causes less damage to plants in your garden and causes less harm to waterways.

ECO-ST provides so many extra benefits to the de-icing process by using biowaste along with other compounds. They provide more environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional de-icers and make for a safer and more cost-effective way to de-ice.


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