How Software Tools Can Help Your Team Remain Productive (and Sane)

Experts believe that adopting technological innovations is extremely beneficial to businesses across all industries. Proper software tools can benefit a company by capitalizing on industry needs, improving employee engagement, and increasing productivity.

Whether your business is small or big, with the help of good software tools, it will be able to improve its operations and overall performance.

Keep reading to find out what operations can be improved at the office by using software tools.

Proper communication with your teams

Technology allows employees to perform at a good level under different circumstances. This means that your teams should be able to work well wherever they might be (in-house or remote). With the help of technology, your employees can work effectively outside of the office.

Remote workers should be able to send and receive files, information, contacts, and new tasks. Of course, with the help of a good collaboration and communication tool, they’ll also be able to do business tasks.

So, make sure that you do your homework on communication and collaboration tools. For instance, Trello is a great virtual workplace tool. You can assign team members to different tasks, set deadlines, reminders, and even share business files.

When it comes to communication, give Zoom a try. Zoom has become very popular since the world got struck by COVID-19 pandemics. This video chat software solution has proven its worth to many entrepreneurs.

The best bit about this tool is that you’re not only limited to communicating about business, but you can also use this tool to play games online. SnackNation lists some amazing ideas for games to play on Zoom, such as virtual comedy hour, online escape room, or virtual wine tasting. These will engage your team and help them stay sane while they work from home.

Personalized marketing


Don’t spend enormous amounts of money on mass-contact ads and commercials with the hope of finding the right audience.

Technology allows you to specialize and focus on your marketing efforts on the back of culled data, click-through ads, and influencer campaigns on social media networks like Facebook or Instagram. With this kind of approach, your employees will be able to land with the right people easily and without having to spend a lot of money on social media.

In this case, it’s worth giving automation software a shot. For instance, a good LinkedIn automation tool will allow your employees to grow their networks easily, build smart message chains, generate leads effectively with the help of personalization, and save contacts that can later be exported easily.

Make those small tasks easier

Every employee most likely has mundane tasks that they have to do daily. They don’t pay much attention to the time spent on finishing those tasks.

However, over the course of days, weeks, or months, the time spent on such tasks can add up.

Well, various software tools can help make these tasks simpler and easier. This can improve workplace productivity to a certain extent that should not be ignored.

It’s also possible to reduce the number of steps employees take to get the simpler tasks done.

For example, if your team has a set of systems where they all share files and important data that is password-protected, having a password management tool may be a good idea. This kind of tool grants them access to the things they need without having to give the employees the password.

Let a chatbot help your employees


Customer service is one of the cornerstones of every successful business. Trying to make your customer service agents’ lives better should be a priority. Fortunately, technology and software tools can help here too.

Customer service tends to be a bit difficult to get right. Many customers have bad experiences dealing with long phone menus and annoying hold times. However, with a chatbot, you won’t only make the lives of your agents easier, but you’ll also give your customers a whole new experience. Think of this as an upgrade to your customer service team.

Chatbots that use messenger apps to communicate with customers can answer FAQs, quickly order products, provide tech support, and make reservations.

Final words

To get through these difficult times together with your employees, to really thrive in these circumstances, you should provide the office with all useful software tools that you can get your hands on.

The mental health of your employees should be a priority because it directly impacts their lives, but it also impacts their work performance. So, always have two things in mind when buying an app that should help your business – the work performance and the mental state of your employees matter equally.


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