How Smart Small Investments Can Lead to Big Business Ideas?


You all must be wondering how famous entrepreneurs get a business idea and start their business. Once they start the business, how much profit do they earn, and how can they expand their business? In this article, we will tell you the new business ideas that you can choose based on your interest, future growth, investment and profit margin.

Let’s understand first – what are business ideas?

A business idea is born when you identify a problem, realize the scope for growth, develop an ecosystem to solve the problem and create job and business opportunity. According to the Government of India, 80 startups out of 62,000 startups become unicorns in India. For example, Groww, Meesho, Moglix, Cred, and more are some of the most popular unicorns of the past few years.

How do you get business ideas?

When you are travelling somewhere, you realize some problems yourself and you start thinking: if I am facing this problem, then how many other people are facing this same problem? Why has no one acted on this? This question generates an idea and you can start research on its solution. You can search for the solution on the internet, and discuss it with your friends and family and try to determine how you can solve the problem?

This is the business idea you are looking for. This is the idea that will start your business.

As the world moves on from the pandemic, online businesses are booming. Many Indians are looking for home business ideas that can help them start or restart their careers. Setting up a solar business is an excellent new idea for business owners who have financial constraints or have limited time. These limitations do not mean you cannot start your business. Starting a solar service with an established franchise is among the best business ideas for women at home because this business does not require the business owner to keep a stock. Instead, a sample product can be kept and sales can be made individually.

What are the big business ideas with low investment in India, 2022?

In 2022, the Indian solar industry, backed by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is expected to grow and expand. In 2022, starting your own solar business is a top business idea that you should consider exploiting. Regardless of whether you know about solar systems or not, you can start a business using this startup business idea.

As the business standards increase, many Indians are looking for startup ideas to kickstart small businesses in India. The solar business is one of the best online business ideas because it requires low investment and provides high returns.

What are the best future business ideas?

Solar business ranked among the best business ideas in 2021 because it gives business owners the following advantages. As one of the best business ideas in India, you can start two types of solar businesses:

  1. Dealership: Solar dealership is the perfect women business idea. It is ideal for part-time and freelancers. You are required to purchase one solar demo product of ₹25,000 and use this to demonstrate the product to customers. Each sale you make is shipped individually within 7 days and commission is deposited directly in your
  2. Distributorship: Solar distributorship is a small business idea in Hyderabad for people who have electrical or real estate You are required to purchase solar products worth ₹1,00,000 (2nd and 3rd tier cities) or ₹3,00,000 (1st tier cities and state capitals). You will oversee the network of solar dealerships in your district. Each district has only 1 distributor, and you will have no competition.

How much is the profit margin in the solar business?

When you start a small business, generally you will get an average profit margin of 2% to 4%, but in solar business, Loom Solar gives 10% to 25% profit margin based on business models.

How much investment is required to start a solar business?

In most cases, when you are planning to start a business, you always have to keep in mind the investment. You can start your own business with Loom Solar with just Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 5,000 in investments.

Which solar panel manufacturer is the best to start your own solar business?

Loom Solar is the best solar panel manufacturer to partner with to start your own solar business. Headquartered in Faridabad, Haryana, India, Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd. is one of the fastest-growing solar-technology start-ups that continues to innovate in residential solar space. Founded in 2018, the company has kept itself ahead of the curve introducing products like monocrystalline solar panels, grid connected AC Modules, shark bifacial in shark series, etc. and many more!

Loom Solar is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company recognised by the Government of India and offers the widest range of solar panels—from 10 watts to 530 watts. The company has a manufacturing unit in Haryana aligning with its ‘Make in India’ mission. Along with a presence across 500 districts and 3500+ resellers, Loom Solar is embracing ‘Digital India’ by making its products available easily across all Indian cities and states.

As an expert solar company, Loom Solar can provide you with:

  1. Low investment business: As a startup business idea, solar business does not require high investment. To set up a solar dealer business, you only need ₹25,000. Whereas to set up a solar distributor business, you need only ₹1,00,000 to 3,00,000. In return, you will receive a 10-25% commission for each sale you
  2. Consumer-centric Brand: We provide all solar system products for home and business, such as super high-efficiency solar panels, lithium battery, panel stand, dc wire, other
  3. Educational support: Loom Solar franchises provide support for solar business Because the solar business is among the top women business ideas, solar companies provide free learning and training sessions so you can know more about the product before you start the business.
  4. Sales support: Well thought-out business name ideas can be difficult to come up with, but solar companies provide sales support to solar business This includes coming up with the new business name, setting up a micro-website and Google listing, etc. You are also provided with branding content.
  5. Fastest growing opportunities: We have created 20+ products in the past 3 Our R&D team is constantly working to create better versions and more products. When you partner with Loom Solar, you can get a range of options. You can stock your business with whichever product you wish for.

Can I get training for sales and marking?

When we start any business, training must be required. “Learn Solar with Loom Solar” is a program where new business entrepreneurs, students, electricians, housewives, dealers and distributors learn about solar. This is free of cost learning program conducted online every Saturday.

If you are ready to take advantage of this small business idea with Loom Solar, you can visit the Loom Solar website to learn more. You can also watch a solar business educational video to understand more about this opportunity. You can apply as a Solar Dealer or a Solar Distributor and start your business immediately! Take advantage of this excellent business idea from home and start your solar business now!


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