How Shopify Personalization Helps Increase Customer Retention

shopify personalization

An e-commerce platform allows firms to easily get visibility. It also provides a more qualified consumer base. Shopify is one of the leading e-commerce store platforms. With local language support, it offers free business spaces, page creation, online editing, and global sales. 

Customer retention is one of a company’s critical success elements. However, many Shopify stores fail due to a lack of awareness of customer retention. 

Customer retention outperforms new customer acquisition in terms of business growth and revenue. Although only 18% of organizations concentrate on it. There are some best ways to retain current consumers. 

This includes improved customer service and ultra-personalized marketing. The delivery of customized products recommendations is highly crucial for customer retention. Personalization delivers a message that your clients are important enough for you to tailor a client-specific transaction.  

And that’s why you need to start delivering highly-customized product suggestions. Actually, if you want to have a high conversion, you can try Shopify a/b testing. Shopify personalization tactics presented below can help you increase client retention rates. 

It is done by using A/B testing tools that pits one web page design variation against another at the same time, by the way of split testing, with the help of an easy-to-use editor. This helps in choosing the best design variation that can drive sales and conversion. So, you can rope-in companies like “TridentAB” that can help incorporate such software solutions and testing tools for performing split tests.

What Is E-Commerce Personalization?  

Online retailers use e-commerce personalization to provide customized content based on customer data. Data from customer surveys and surfing history may disclose a lot. To acquire customer intent, identify their online shopping device (phone, laptop, or tablet). 

The product suggestion is presented after an analysis of customer data. And consumers probably make purchases based on the recommendations. 

Personalized recommendations encourage customers to return to your Shopify shop and spend more. The appropriate suggestions boost adds to cart conversion rates. They also increase consumer time spent on your business.

How Does Shopify Personalization Help Increase Customer Retention?

The personalized recommendation is a vital tool to enhance the client experience. It also helps keep them purchasing on your Shopify store. 

With its help, businesses may provide loyal consumers with what they expect. The information will be based on prior purchases, searched items, and more. Customer communication via live chat or calls, combined with AI, will boost sales and income. 

Shopify personalization is here to help you develop your company. And here, you will know-how.

1. The Adoption of Software  

To improve add-to-cart conversion rates, you collect customer data and vital information. Software is great for showing cross-sell and upsell items. 

You can manage customer data and drive repeat purchases with the correct tools. Retailers may use chatbots or quizzes to find out their consumers’ preferences.

The utilization of software and technologies has benefited many firms. 95% of businesses agreed that employing sophisticated programs is wise. Argoid, a tool commonly used by most Shopify openers, has a set of beneficial features. It helps Shopify owners offer a more personalized experience through product recommendations. These recommendations are based on their search history, items in their carts, and even trending items. 

When you decide to use software like this, even sending personalized emails will be simple for you. It will eventually increase the conversion rate. It can analyze the future goals as well. Using software helps you collect client data from diverse sources like social media.  

With recommendation algorithms, it’s easier to find relevant products for customers. Your customer will get back to your shop to grab those attractive discount offers.

2. Personalized Email  

Sending consumers personalized product ideas through email may help them purchase more. Individuals start to feel like unique customers when they get customized emails. Previous customers should get an email with personalized product recommendations.  

It may boost their chances of cross-selling and reselling. Personalized emails foster long-term client connections.  

The process helps with e-commerce conversions as well. It happens as they make customers feel valued and cared for.  

It can also remind the customers about unique sales offers and discounts that only focus on them. Personalized email also impacts the relationship with the most loyal customers.  

You may notify them of their overflowing carts, refill them, and provide discounts. It makes customers acknowledge their efforts and raise the retention rate. 

3. Personalized Loyalty Program

personalized loyalty program

Customer retention programs include discounts, free shipping, etc. 

Create a personalized loyalty program for each customer to optimize benefits. To enhance sales and retention, you must build customized programs for each customer. With the correct loyalty program, you can make a consumer return to your store and buy again.  

4. Personalization Evaluating All Other Channels 

Customers only want to purchase goods that are recommended based on past encounters. However, some clients choose to bypass login procedures or surveys. It will prevent you from communicating with them via your business.  

Many clients ignore product recommendations delivered through email or SMS. You must go outside the usual routes to obtain client data in these circumstances. Facebook Messenger is an excellent method to start a discussion.  

Start a Facebook chat using abandoned carts or rejected website emails and texts. Customers may also be contacted through social media with customized product recommendations. The involvement may help remind consumers about new goods and upsell and resale. 

5. Use of Survey 

You could be unaware that many unsatisfied clients have left your website. And therefore, you need to increase engagement with them. Do it through surveys and obtain their feedback and expectations from your business.  

Survey proactively generates customer interest for your business. You can count on the information you get through the survey. It will help you address customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction rate.  

Set up an automated pop-up poll to find out your clients’ issues. It helps you remove barriers between you and your clients. You will experience increased engagement and retention. You merely need to monitor clients’ preferences. Then present them with Shopify personalization.

Customers return to shops that meet their expectations. Eventually, it results in high customer retention rates.

6. The Use of Shopify Analytics 

It’s easier to use Shopify analytics. It creates trend analysis based on recurring client data.  

These tools allow you to gather a customer’s purchase, behavior, and search history. Using them will be a great initiative to have better Shopify personalization. 

Shopify analytics helps you generate bundle goods and discounts for consumers. How? They can track their purchases. These unique suggestions increase client engagement and loyalty. Analytics determines top-notch product recommendations that increase client retention. 

7. Diversify Payment Options 

The number of online payments is increasing daily. And you need to add them to let your consumers check out without hassle. 

You research consumers’ payment methods and learn how they regularly pay. You can recommend payment methods to unique customers based on their historical data. Customers get unsatisfied when they cannot pay via their chosen method.

It increases the percentage of online shopping cart abandonment. Personalized payment suggestions may increase client interest and retention. The convenience of payments also helps abandoned cart recovery. 


Even if you provide better products, customers may not select your Shopify store. Read your customers, and learn their goals and preferences. Then provide product ideas that match their needs with the help of a personalized recommendation system. 

Make sure the Shopify personalization motivates customers to return to your business. Only offering the best product does not ensure your success in this digital age. Customize the customer-centric strategy for long-term company success. 


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