How Reliable Are Writing Businesses In 2019

Good news anyone can write, but the bad news is not everyone is a good writer and not every good writer can have a profitable writing business. Starting a writing business goes beyond just writing. You need to start by practising professional behavior whenever writing. Respect client deadlines, accept revision requests and ask for guidelines. Maintain contacts because they can lead to new partnerships as you start your business. Be a good master of grammar and sentence structure. The most important thing is to focus on the quality of the writing business. Do not target the quantity so much that you forget to look at the quality of the work you do. If you want your writing business to rank top above the many writing businesses available online, work on delivering quality. Most clients don’t mind paying more for good quality writing check out

Writing businesses are reliable in 2019 because most companies have sought to outsource writing services. Most publications do not employ permanent employees to write for them. Most companies have taken to technology which is the new age thing where almost everyone owns a digital device to access information. If you are looking forward to starting your own writing business know that there is a lot to do in the writing field. There are a lot of opportunities in writing and the best thing is to be a specialist in one of the fields before diversifying.

Here are some customized ideas for your writing business

1. Freelance ghostwriting

This is where most writing businesses start. Most clients are people who have an idea of what they want to put out there but they do have enough time to sit and write. Most of them are good at reading not writing anyway. It is easy for you to handle such clients when you approach them and propose a lucrative deal.

2. Start article writing services

This is the fastest growing service on the web. Every website and publications have sought services of article writers at one time or the other. The best thing about starting this business is the low startup capital involved because after all you can work from home and outsource work to other writers. You can build a business empire from the comfort of your home.

3. Editing service business

If you have good work relationship skills you can easily upscale your business to editors of web publications. This is a business can easily be built over the internet as different clients look for these services online.

4. Proofreading services

By this time if you started from being a writer, you have an eye for grammatical errors and spelling errors in any written material. This is another business unit which you can develop to make money. These services are sought after by publishers and editors.

5. Blogging

The basic skill needed is good writing skills. Most people are earning millions of dollars just from blogging. Here is the catch, start a blog with a specific niche. This will attract different companies interested in your blog to advertise with you. Your blog has to be top rated in the industry and it will be easy to attract big shot clients.

6. Freelance reporter

If you are good at spotting newsworthy events you can become a freelance reporter. Write and submit publications for big publishing agencies.

The writing services field is so wide with many opportunities to explore. Others include resume writing services, business plan writing services or coaching new writers. Writing businesses are a big thing in 2019. Cultivate the right mindset, figure out how best to position your writing business and you are ready for serious business deals.




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