How Online Gaming Could Combat Loneliness

Online games could help us to feel less lonely
Online games could help us to feel less lonely

More of us report suffering from loneliness at the moment than ever before and that’s a really sad state of affairs. Loneliness is not only a horrible emotion to experience, but it can actually shorten our life expectancy. Finding a way to help people to make meaningful connections and experience more frequent social interaction is essential and, in a bizarre twist of fate, the gaming world might be the best place to do that. Whilst there are still changes that need to be made, it seems as though online gaming could be the perfect industry to help us stave off loneliness once and for all.

Creating a Real-World Atmosphere

As of late, many of us have had to spend a lot more time at home than we would like to. Although the excitement of working from home seemed truly brilliant at the beginning, pretty soon working in pyjamas and not getting to see work colleagues started to get us down. Creating online spaces that mimic the simple interactions we have every day is one way of combatting this type of loneliness. One of the areas that has cottoned onto this trend quite recently is the online casino sector. Most online casinos have focused on the choice of game and user interface, not paying much attention to the social element. So, it is great to see newcomers changing this and providing an environment where community can thrive. In a traditional brick-and-mortar setting, one of the bonuses of visiting a casino would be to meet up with people and exist in a sociable environment. In the online world that is occasionally lost, so seeing big efforts made to make the online experience more sociable will be a welcome boost to those suffering from loneliness.

Forging Totally New Friendships

Online games can help us to feel more connected
Online games can help us to feel more connected

There are many theories surrounding the idea that we, as a planet, are finding it increasingly difficult to forge meaningful friendships. It could be that we are now experiencing the difficulties of a generation who have grown up with smartphones. We are used to texting, sending memes, and cultivating social media profiles as ways of connecting and are finding interactions more difficult in the real world. It seems ironic then, that one of the ways to help ease this is through the use of technology. However, online gaming is simply another way for people to connect with one another. Whilst only a few decades ago we met people almost solely through in-person interactions, nowadays there are a multitude of ways that we can meet people using the power of the internet. Online games enable us to get to know people who are into the same thing as us, namely gaming, but come from all over the world. Although these aren’t the sort of friends who you can drop by and see on a Sunday morning, they can still be meaningful connections that will help keep loneliness at bay. This is another reason why mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular.

Building Stronger Teams

An aspect of loneliness many people don’t think about isn’t the total lack of social interaction, but it’s the lack of intimate interaction. Not necessarily kissing and cuddling but having conversations or taking part in activities with people you know really, really well. We can all pop to the supermarket and have a chat with the cashier, but there’s a certain joy in having an in-depth conversation with a person you’ve known for a long time. Online gaming can help us to strengthen our already existing relationships. By playing games like Minecraft or Fortnite, where we can achieve more by working as a team, we are forging these stronger bonds. Team building exercises have been used in office settings for decades, so maybe it’s time we took things into our own hands and built stronger teams with our friends as well as our colleagues.

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