How new technology will affect the online casino experience

Since the introduction of the first online gambling platform, the online casino has never looked back. With the change in technology, online gambling has changed itself to be in the hearts of gamblers. In the last decade, online gambling has seen tremendous growth in every aspect. It has been proved successful in attracting the gamblers who do not have easy access to lad-based casinos or bookmakers for sports betting. Then with the rise of mobile phones, online casino developers made casino apps that offer slots online, poker games, blackjack, and many popular casino games. 

These changes are not going to stop as this world is bringing new technology every year. So some experts believe that the online gambling experience is going to be more fun and handy with the introduction of some new IT development. Here are some of the changes in technology that can affect the gambling industry.



Cryptocurrency or in other words, digital money is the thing can bring a huge change in the gambling industry. Cryptocurrency is believed to be safe and secure in the transaction. Most of the gamblers look for the secure transaction when they are transacting online. Especially, players, from the countries where gambling is banned, can use digital money for easy transfer of funds to play some casino games and place bets on games. Blockchain technology in cryptocurrency is safe and it won’t leave a trace of the users so it can’t be tracked. 

Several online casino platforms are already offering the facility to transact through Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrency services. So don’t be amazed when all the online casino sites and apps use the only cryptocurrency as their primary payment method.


VR headsets and AR technology

Every IT business is adopting virtual reality now. VR headsets for mobile phones are already in the market for the past several years. Apple is developing AR technology in the gaming world and just like Facebook, it is going to launch its AR and VR headsets soon. YouTube has also started the support for VR videos and now some online casinos are also rendering the support for VR to enhance the gambling experience. 

The virtual reality and augmented reality techs are going to offers real-like gambling experience to the users. Some analysts believe that soon most of the prominent online casino platforms are going to provide the VR and AR games. 


Casino games on the wrist

Casino games are fun when they are played on mobile phones as you don’t have to stick on the PC and can play whenever you want. In 2017, a reputed casino game developer giant, Microgaming showcased the first smartwatch to play slots games online. It delivers even easier access to casino games than mobile phones. You can just roll the dice when in a meeting. Some smartwatches from other manufacturers are also supporting several casino games as well. 

So when all the online casino service providers start to offer casino games on the smartwatches, we can expect some more growth in the business.

These are some of the significant technology updates that can change the online gambling experience. You can read reviews of the latest online casinos at

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