How Much Money Does it Take to Be a Music Superfan in the UK? 


Music is a language that knows no boundaries. It spans time and space across nations. However, in today’s world being a music superfan costs a lot to one’s pockets. Spanning from DJs like Calvin Harris to hardcore rappers like Eminem or legendary rock bands like Metallica. A report titled, ‘Cost Of Being A Superfan Report’ analyzed exactly how costly it is to be a music superfan, particularly in the UK and France. They have considered factors like – the cost of resale tickets in stadium tours, the average cost of standard merchandise, the cost of the most recent album per song per track, and the cost of autographed merchandise for various artist’s cost to a fan.

According to the report the top three most expensive music artists who are on the list of being the most expensive to be a fan of are – Drake (£13,042.17), Ed Sheeran (£9,191.92), and the boyband BTS (£4,795.50). The report further claims that Drake, who has had around 31 UK shows in the last 5 years, tops at the cost of attending every UK show by around £12,581.97. His hip-hop that ‘Started From the Bottom, Now We’re Here,’ as resale tickets to see the superstar perform live typically cost at least £405.87. Not only that if one attempts to buy Drake’s merchandise, but it would also cost him around £37.35.

When it comes to Electronic music, the most expensive artist for his fandom is Major Lazer in the UK. According to the report, Major Lazer has performed in around 6 shows in the last 5 years in the UK alone where the cost of attending these shows cost around £9.99. Summing up all the digits in factors cited above, the total cost of being a Major Lazer superfan comes down to £631.48. After major Lazer, comes other electronic music artists like Martin Garrix (£585.21), Calvin Harris (£541.20), Alan Walker (£540.33), and Kygo (£431.66).

Similarly, for an ultimate music devotee of Hip Hop, Drake would be heaviest on his pockets (around £13,042.17). His latest album ‘Honestly, Nevermind’ would cost a superfan a buck of £9.99, which comes down to around £0.71 per track. Then on the list comes Post Malone (£1,087.66), Eminem (£811.19), Travis Scott (£775.23), and at last Kendrick Lamar (£748.92). Further, Ed Sheeran tops the chart for the costliest pop star for a superfan with £9,191.92. Metallica is at the highest among Indie and Rock music fans (£2,719.36) and Adele for R&B fans (£4,424.58) in the United Kingdom. 

So, whether it’s Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’, Adele’s ‘Easy On Me’, or even Ed Sheeran’s ‘Equals’, they all will feel heaviest for a superfan in the UK. A superfan who eyes to attend all of their live performances, buy their albums and even their signed or official merchandise.


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