How Much Does It Cost to Form an LLC With Northwest Registered Agent?

Cost to Form an LLC With Northwest Registered Agent

Launching an LLC with an online formation service is always an easier process than following a DIY route. Supported by a reliable helping hand, you’ll be free from paperwork routines and can rest assured your business entity will be registered in a legitimate and professional manner. When it comes to choosing a service provider that will best suit your business needs, the cost of formation services is often a decisive factor for many entrepreneurs. While some are on a stringent budget and seek the ultimate affordability, others are ready to pay for some extras. In the end, everyone wants to get the best value for their money. If you consider Northwest Registered Agent as your potential legal partner, below, you’ll find detailed info on the price of such collaboration. 

Quick Company Overview

Before we dive into a detailed review of Northwest Registered Agent prices, let’s take a quick look at the company profile. Established in 1998, the service is among older market players supported by strong expertise in the industry. Launched as a family business, the Northwest LLC Formation Company doesn’t outsource any of its services to any third parties, thus, having built a solid organizational structure that distinguishes it from its rivals. Initially started solely as a registered agent service (hence the name), Northwest has greatly focused on customer privacy protection from the very start and still applies this approach at all business formation levels. 

The company might be not as popular as some of the top-liner services, yet, it stands strong on its feet and its name is recognizable nationwide. You can choose Northwest to form an LLC in any US state knowing you’ll get professional help and be treated with due diligence at all times. 

Creating an LLC With Northwest Registered Agent: Pricing

Unlike many other legal service providers, Northwest doesn’t have multiple formation packages. Yet, don’t regard it as the lack of flexibility. In fact, they are more flexible in pricing than you can imagine. Their basic package is smartly constructed and will sell no services to you that you don’t need. Besides, the company offers two more filing options to match specific customer needs. 

Standard Package: $225 + State Fee

Though this figure is at the higher price end, the cost covers many points that will be charged as extras by many other similar services. Basic features include:

  • Name Availability Search: Your chosen company name will be checked to make sure it’s distinguishable and unique. 
  • Articles of Organization: Your company formation documents will be drafted and duly filed with the state by professional legal advisors in full compliance with all valid state requirements. 
  • Individual Online Account: By signing in on the Northwest web platform, you’ll get access to all your LLC docs and will be able to track the process of LLC formation.

Above this mid-ground service set, Northwest has some more services other companies would throw as upsells and even some unique features: 

  • Registered Agent Service: Being their major activity from the start, a registered agent service is a part and parcel of their formation package. A service bundle includes a whole year for free, and each next year will cost $125, which is quite an average market price. 
  • Operating Agreement: Though not a must, an operating agreement is a helpful company bylaw regulating ownership relations and company day-to-day management and operation. 
  • Default Expedite Filing: While other companies offer faster turnaround times as an option, Northwest initially chooses the quickest possible path.
  • Compliance Reminders: You’ll get automatic messages reminding you of compulsory state filings to ensure your business compliance with the state. 
  • Privacy by Default®: An internal company policy is to maintain personal customer data protection at the highest level, never making your personal info available to third parties. 
  • Corporate Guides® System: In each US state, you can contact a local expert to answer all your business-related questions. 

Alternative Options

For beginner businessmen on a budget, Northwest offers an informative business blog and a whole wealth of legal forms pertinent to different business structures. Besides, you can create a free user account on their website to access and download those forms at no cost as well as contact their excellent customer support for free. This way, you can follow a DIY path and open an LLC on your own just at the cost of a state fee. It might take a bit more time but will bring no added expenses. 

On the other hand, if you do need help but are not eager to pay $225 at once, you can split it into monthly payments by upgrading your package to the VIP level. It will cost you a bit more in total, yet you’ll enjoy some more features such as EIN, Banking Resolution, and Annual Reports. 

Additional LLC Services

It’s worth noting that providing a full scope of LLC formation services, Northwest also has a wide range of extra features aimed at maintaining your business:

  • Registered Agent Service: As stated above, you can hire Northwest to be your registered agent at $125 per annum. 
  • IRS Services: At a one-time fee ($50-200 depending on the state), Northwest can register an EIN for your business entity. And at $50, they will file an application for an S-Corp qualification if needed. 
  • Compliance Services: There are state reports LLCs should file during a year to stay compliant with state laws. You can visit small claims court in ca for more information. Northwest can save you peace of mind and do this job for you at a flat annual rate of $100 + state filing fees. Besides, they can help you get the Certificate of good standing ($50) if you have plans for expanding your business to other US states.
  • Business Services: Some add-ons you might need to conveniently run your business on a daily basis cover a VoIP business phone number ($9 per month), virtual office ($49 per month), and mail forwarding service delivering a real business address ($50 per month). 

Bottom Line

At a glance, Northwest Registered Agent is not the most affordable LLC service out there. However, a closer look reveals their cost-wise approach to pricing that makes this service a safe choice for any type of entrepreneur. Their pricing scheme is clear, and you won’t get tangled in multiple upsells while customer privacy and security along with professionalism and a customer-focused approach are their major fortes.


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