How Much Do UK’s Top 3 Book Cover Design Companies Charge?


One of the search engines trending questions is “how much books cover design companies in the UK charge?” Well, there is no this or that answer for that because there are several determinants that influence the final quote. 

When you enter a library, some books instantly catch your eye. Ever wondered why it happens? Because the covers of those books are so eye-catchy that allures visitors towards them. 

If we discuss the meaning of a book cover, it simply is any covering used to bind all the pages together. However, it plays a key role to help the e-book stand out among the rest and giving the reader an urge that this is the one they need on their nightstand. 

The pricing of the book covering that captured your attention and the one that didn’t wouldn’t be the same. The cost can vary between $15 to $950 depending on quality, customization, the experience of the designer, professional stock photography, and graphics. 

The Significance of the Top-Notch Book Cover

The first impression plays a pivotal role in the sales and marketing of a product. Even before using the product, the viewer makes a perception in their heads about it just by looking at the product. They don’t know what the product holds for them, but if the appearance from the outside is top-notch, they’re going to buy it. So, if you want your product to make it to success and become the highest-selling e-book, hire a famous book cover designer. 

Who Is In Need Of This Service?

A cover for your book from freelancers at cheap rates wouldn’t play the same role as that of the top companies. If your goal is to become a high-selling author, you must invest in outsourcing services from top companies. You would be amazed at your increased sales. They have experts who can design, illustrate, and format in the best way possible. 

How Much Do UK’s Top 3 Book Cover Design Companies Charge?

If you are here, the odds are high that you’re in search of the best book designers online. The UK has some of the top brands that provide eye-alluring covers with satisfying services. 

In this post, we would talk about how much does UK’s top 3 book cover design companies charge. It would help you to make a better decision for your upcoming book.

The book covers designers UK are home to creative minds and professionalism that are the perfect ingredients to fascinate the spectators. They use their amazing artistic abilities to help you make the best first impression. The founder gave birth to this company in 2010 and welcomed professional designers on board. 

They make sure to come up with an outer cover design that resonates with your written masterpiece, yet reflects uniqueness. You can check their masterpieces available on their website to examine their expertise and skills. You would have to climb a four steps ladder to get your desired masterpiece from them. 


This website is full of imaginative spirits and offers best services. It is one of the best places to outsource your book’s illustration and layout. Looking for a spot that caters to your need for layout and format designing, and a covering for your children’s stories compilation? This is the best place to trust!


They have the best designers that come up with attention-grabbing illustrations for you. Readers wouldn’t be able to resist bringing your novel to their homes. Irrespective of the package you go for, you get an awesome illustration. 


Layout plays an important job in serving your words on the plates of the readers. They add striking graphics to your words to portray them in the best possible light. Their crispy layouts transform your writings into a visually appealing masterpiece. 

For Children

Are you about to launch a compilation of amazing stories for children? Gurus of imagination work under the umbrella of this website. Hire their experts to get a design cover that attracts young eyes, artfully! They are masters at ingraining the habit of reading among the kids. 


Their team is dedicated, experienced, and professional – the finest designers you would want to work with. As they are led by creativity, their customers get amazing and bewitching products. These professional creators give a powerful voice to your words by using charismatic pictures. 

Their team believes in working together and supporting each other in bad times. They preach professionalism to make this place a genuine and authoritative place. When it comes to getting served the best quality products on your plate – this is the best spot among the companies present online

Price Average

Low-priced services can be scary, right? But you no longer have to freak out as the motto of this company is to provide the most professional service at the cheapest rates. Their Book cover design cost UK pounds 00, which is a pretty affordable investment to conquer your dream. 


This website is a trusted pilot to take your dreams toward the destination of reality. They have an excellent rating with 4.5 stars and 3,520 reviews from their clients. Positive reviews from a huge number of clients are solid evidence of their reliable and satisfying services. 

You can also pore over their clients’ comments to get extra assurance before placing an order. Phrases like “Great people”, “Fast delivery”, “Professional service”, and “Top Class service” are decorating the reviews section.

Next UK’s top company on our list is Ebook writers that is the best place to go if you’re looking for a writer and designer. Their preparation process for the product is simple and smooth, they require minimal involvement from their client. It is the most suitable place to connect with professional ebook designers that makes sure that your novel outstands on the shelf. 

Your masterpiece would attract the maximum pairs of eyes. Hence, increasing the chances of you becoming the highest-selling author. This company has a huge team to make sure that they cover almost all genres. 


Their professional artists come up with the most compelling wrapping for your written masterpiece that has the power to connect with the audience. The spectators can’t resist buying your published product without even peeking into the internal matter. Professionals of this website use their genius and creative minds to design and deliver personalized products. 

Whether your novel is based on non-fiction, fiction, or something else, they can perfectly customize it for you. You can grab your desired piece within time – that too at an affordable cost, sounds amazing! They’re London’s best makers that thrill their customers with 100% satisfactory services. 


They have a world-class team who can wonderfully catch your bounced-off ideas. They come up with striking book cover illustrations that pave the path for increased sales. They are masters at expressing your ideas in captivating visuals. They have been indulged in this activity for years and therefore have found the secret to achieving perfection. 

Their team makes sure to provide you with unique, artistic, creative, and interesting services. They can pick the most attractive titles and colors. Their team members are disciplined, therefore, on-time delivery is promised. 

Price Average

Feeling stressed out that buying designing services would break your bank? Welp! There is no need to burn yourself out when an e-book writer is there. Their prices would be light on your pocket, so feel free to hire them. The standard package of Ebook cover design cost £00, while the premium one costs £00. 


Their book cover design services have earned a great reputation in the market. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the reviewing section to watch out for what the audience is saying about them. It is filled with the comments of satisfied clients who outsourced various kinds of services from them. 

This website is not only famous in the UK, but also among worldwide authors. They have masterminds who use their expertise to allure your targeted audience. You can watch out by yourself by taking a trip to their website and you’re going to place an order by the end of the trip.

The UK’s biggest book-writing service also has a team of an enthusiastic team of book cover designers for self-publishers. It is one of the best companies holding an experience of more than ten years. This website has helped more than 87,000 clients with a wide range of services. 

One of those services is bookcase designing which contributes to your professional success. They know the trick to captivate readers right from the second they take a glance at your novel. An urge to buy your novel arises in their hearts which ultimately results in increased sales. 


Their experts know the recipes of book cover design services that can help you get awarded the highest-selling author of the year. You get a personalized product that is perfect for every platform at the cheapest rate. This website promises 100% satisfaction to its customers. 

If you don’t like your delivered outcomes, they redesign it for you. As their team has delivered their assistance to more than 98,000 clients, they have become experts in all genres and types of designs. 


Their team is full of experts having an experience of more than ten years and in all niches. They have fantasy book cover designers UK-based who take the spectators into another world. Their team has gone through a journey full of thrones. 

But with consistency and persistence, they secured a peerless position in the industry. The team of this website is driven by passion and creative thoughts. Their workforce includes writers, editors, format specifiers, artists, designers, and marketers.

Price Average

Their prices and packages are pocket friendly. Looking at their prices, you wouldn’t be able to resist saying “Oh, WOW!” You no longer have to feel a rush of anxiety looking at the rates. This website makes premium quality services approachable to you with their minimal rates. 

You have to buy a package of illustrations, and complete color theme creation at a price of UK pounds 599. The rate for bookcase design is £125 and £299 for formatting. 


Don’t forget to pore over genuine reviews from their loyal clients after reading this post. You would be amazed after reading their testimonials that is strong evidence that this website delivers nothing less than perfection. The customers are thanking them after getting full value for their money. 


How long does it take to design a cover for a book?

It takes about ten to twelve days for a bespoke product. However, it may require twenty working days if the project is more complex.

How does a designer add value to your novel?

They work closely with the writers to come up with a masterpiece that is the reflection of the internal matter. They use various tools and techniques to make sure the final product allures the spectators towards it. Designers add a final touch of perfection to help your ebook hit the jackpot. 

What stock images do these three companies use? 

They buy licensed stock images from Shutterstock and iStockPhoto to brush away any chances of copy strike for you. All the images they use are bought for commercial use, so you don’t need to stress out about royalties and crediting photographers.

Wrap Up

And with that, we helped you get familiar with how much UK’s top three book covers design companies charge. We gave a detailed overview of each company, then dived deeper into their services, team, cover illustration prices, and reviews. You must have also understood the pivotal role the covering plays in marketing and increased sales. Not to forget that we also answered some crucial queries to give a better understanding of this topic. 

We hope you enjoyed the reading experience and found this post valuable!



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