How Much Do Construction Workers Make in New York City


The BLS estimates that the construction worker labor market will have high employment growth between 2016 and 2026, relative to the national average. This increase results from the industry’s efforts to address the skilled labor shortage it is experiencing. 

According to a poll by Autodesk and the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), 66 percent of construction companies have raised their workers’ base pay rates. Another 29% are already offering incentives and bonuses to employ new employees. The greater the demand for skilled labor, the higher the construction workers’ earnings potential.

In the United States, factors such as education, experience, and field of specialization also contribute to the determination of construction worker salary. Continue reading to learn more.

How Much Do US Construction Workers Earn?

This generally depends on the worker’s education, experience, and location. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the typical annual pay is approximately $37,080, with an hourly wage of $17.83. In the coming years, these figures are likely to change.

Education Level

While not all occupations require a degree, formal training can support claims for higher compensation for construction workers. The practical experience provided by some colleges equips graduates with abilities that can take years to acquire on-site. Typically, this skill is compensated with a higher salary.

Level of Experience

The level of a worker’s experience can also influence their earnings.  According to a Career Explorer survey, an entry-level construction worker earns slightly over $21,000 yearly. Around $32,000 is the average annual compensation for a construction worker with intermediate experience. However, a skilled construction worker will earn nearly $47,000 annually.

Field of Specialization

Construction groups a large number of areas of interest. Although the majority of the work consists of physically difficult tasks on the job site, there are specialized occupations that pay more. The highest-paying positions in the industry include construction managers, elevator installers, and boilermakers, among others.


Typically, urban locations pay higher salaries than rural areas in the construction business. This is partly attributable to the fact that major cities can generate a substantially higher amount of employment. In addition, urban locations have a greater cost of living, which allows workers to demand a larger wage.

What is the Salary of Construction Employees in New York?

Construction worker salaries in New York City range from $11,374 to $100,461. Construction Workers in New York City, NY, make a median wage of $36,178, so the maximum wage of a construction worker ranges around $94,648. In the construction industry, 55% of workers earn between $36,178 and $56,975, whilst 83% earn $100,465 or above.

What is the Average Daily Pay for a Construction Worker?

This is largely dependent on the number of hours per day spent at work. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a construction worker in the United States earns an average of $17.83 per hour.

What is the Average Hourly Wage for Construction Workers?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that construction workers in the United States earn an average of $17 per hour.

Are Construction Employees Well-Paid?

A substantial portion of the industry’s highest-paid employees is construction workers and building inspectors, who earn an average of $65,350 per year. If you are a beginner, you may not be qualified for the inspector position yet. It takes a long time to achieve the work history and experience.

What is the Hourly Wage of a Handyman in New York?

The average wage of a handyman is $21 per hour, as reported by the pay scale consulting firm, Payscale. A New York handyman may expect to work 93 hours per week and earn $10,000 a year in overtime.

How Much Do Union Construction Workers In New York Earn?  

The typical annual salary for union construction workers on ZipRecruiter ranges from $113,525 to $23,034, with the highest earners (90th percentile) earning $90,491 per year.

How Much Does an NYC Construction Superintendent Make?

In New York, New York, the typical compensation for a construction superintendent is $109,427 per year, plus $5,000 in profit-sharing.

What is Decent Pay in New York City?

After taxes, a single individual in New York City would need a salary of approximately $40,000 per year to live comfortably. This budget appears to be reasonable but not too much.

Is $30 Per Hour Enough In New York?

New York State ranks the fourth position among states, after Hawaii as the state with the highest cost of living. Across the five boroughs, residents must earn at least $30 per hour to afford a two-bedroom apartment in New York City.

What Is an Hourly Wage of $30?

If you earn $30 per hour before taxes, you will have $62,400 in your bank account. On average, 2,080 hours (2,080 hours + 52 weeks of labor) are worked throughout the year. When the entire number of hours (2,080) is multiplied by $30, the result is $62,400. This is your annual gross income before taxes.

Which Construction Positions Pay The Most?

The salaries of construction managers, elevator installers, repairmen, and boilermakers are among the most competitive in the industry. The average compensation for each of these specialists is approximately $97,180, $84,990, and $63,100. Electricians receive roughly ($56,900), Sheet metal workers around ($51,370), Ironworkers around ($53,210), Carpenters around ($49,520), and Construction equipment operators around ($49,100). Work accidents can also increase a worker’s salary if injured and collect worker compensation. This would, of course, have to go through legal means and may last several years. 

States Where Construction Workers Earn the Highest Salary

Anywhere in the United States, skilled laborers can find employment, but their pay will differ by state. Depending on the average number of construction projects in a region, unique employment opportunities will be available in various locations. According to data compiled by the BLS, the highest-paying states are as follows, along with their average annual salaries:

Hawaii pays $70,750 on average

Illinois pays $68,940 on average

Alaska pays $66,430 on average

New York pays $66,390 on average

Massachusett pays $65,520 on average

New Jersey pays $64,560 on average

Washington pays $63,660 on average

California pays $61,400 on average

Additionally, the data has shown the states with the lowest pay:

Florida: $41,930

South Dakota is $41,030

Mississippi: $40,870

Arkansas: $39,630

North Carolina: $22,460 


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