How Microsoft Mesh Takes Virtual Reality Technology to the Next Level

Microsoft Mesh
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Microsoft recently unveiled powerful software that makes it easier for users to access virtual reality and augmented reality content. Users can appear as an avatar or hologram for work or play from any location. It is useful during company meetings and concerts since the technology allows multiple persons to view the same holograms irrespective of location.

The tool also enables creators to develop advanced holographic worlds. Known as Microsoft Mesh, the software looks set to transform virtual reality technology by enabling users to holoport into meetings and other events. This software brings to life shared virtual experiences that mixed reality experts have been striving to produce.

Nick Allo with Orlando Managed IT Services company SemTech IT Solutions according to a statement released by Microsoft, the technology enables users to feel like they are in the same location as other participants. It is also possible to teleport from different devices to mimic physical presence. The tech giant uses virtual avatars from its AltspaceVR social platform.

What To Expect From Microsoft Mesh

Mesh stands out from a list of collaboration technologies, thanks to the physical aspect. Users experience a feeling of the actual physical presence of colleagues in the room. The software simulates presence using rays of light. It taps into the cloud for holographic content instead of beaming content from a device or an application. Users simply need special lenses to view the content.

The software is compatible with smartphones, desktop computers, virtual reality headsets, and tablets. Accessing content via these devices complements HoloLens, which uses the Microsoft Mesh app.

The AltspaceVR focuses on corporate users and comes with advanced security and scheduling features needed by businesses.

With Mesh, you take advantage of digital intelligence to collaborate with colleagues via persistent 3D content. By communicating in a ground-breaking virtual space, you find it easier to ignite creativity and connect with colleagues. The virtual presence mimics the real world by enabling you to engage fellow participants with gestures, facial expressions, and eye contact.

Virtual Work and Training in 3D

You can collaborate with people, even when located in different time zones. As a result, you compare notes and brainstorm ideas as if the entire team is sitting in the same boardroom. The lifelike presence generated by the mixed reality technology allows your team to reach informed decisions faster.

Additionally, you can use Microsoft Mesh to undergo training as a group from any location. The tool helps you simulate in-person learning in 3D. This approach is vital when planning to cut travel costs and save time. Mesh takes convenience to the next level, thanks to visualization, holoportation, and advanced holographic sharing capabilities.

Kenny Riley with Velocity IT in Dallas shares, “The technology enables business professionals to share perspectives and contextual data to understand specific topics. Hence, Mesh provides a viable platform for solving problems, learning new concepts, and making collective decisions. Teams collaborate remotely without completely losing the interactive elements of the real world.”

With the software, designers can work on creative projects using multiple devices. The collaboration process takes place in real-time irrespective of physical presence or holoported participation.

Mesh-Enabled AltspaceVR For Businesses

Microsoft rebuilt the AltspaceVR app to ensure interoperability with Mesh. The enhancement enriches the experience for companies that use AltspaceVR for live virtual events. As such, business professionals can now access the Mesh avatar system via AltspaceVR. Any changes to the avatar on either side become visible on both.

According to Microsoft, the immersive features will soon become available in Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams applications. The tech giant demonstrated Mesh capabilities by hosting the Ignite keynote event in the rebuilt AltspaceVR. Participants experienced the power of mixed reality technology as the presenter appeared as a high-resolution volumetric model and a chroma-keyed video cutout.

Many companies use social virtual reality platforms to host training sessions and networking events. The platforms ensure that teams collaborate more efficiently as they share skills and knowledge in real-time. As a result, companies find practical solutions to day-to-day operational challenges.


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