How Live Casinos Are Changing the iGaming Industry

Technology makes the world move forward, impacting a bunch of industries along the way. In a positive fashion, of course. One of those industries that have really shined with new technologies is iGaming. We’re mainly talking about the arrival of live casino in Malaysia and live dealer games that have completely revolutionized online gambling.

Live casinos are everywhere today. For a while, they were expensive to add, but the increased demand for live casino games has done its job nicely. Live casino gaming is evolving hand in hand with new technologies, giving players a chance to experience land-based casino gaming in a virtual environment. If you don’t have time and want to start playing fast, you can also use guides like, they list, rank and review some of the best.

Forever Changed the Way We Play

While the online casino industry was doing just fine on its own, after nearly 2 decades, it was time for some fresh blood. New slot online and card games just weren’t going to cut it. Playing against a computer was great, but it didn’t replicate what land-based venues offered.

The atmosphere and real feel of a casino were brought online with the invention of live casinos. Sites like 12joker have completely changed the way we play. Players were certainly impressed when they first arrived, giving them a more human touch. Playing against live dealers simply added a new weight to card games and games of chance such as roulette. In a while, it was clear that live casinos are here to stay, and even better, grow on us all.

Live casinos are a major part of the iGaming industry’s success. They’ve been the breakthrough players have been waiting for. Live dealer games simply take away the virtual aspect, giving players a much-refined, real-time gambling experience.

Staying in Touch with New Tech

The innovation in this brand-new industry never stops. As technology evolves, so do live casinos and games. It’s a highly competitive industry that’s set to benefit from new tech. The expected global rollout of 5G networks as well as AR and VR technology will breathe new life into live casinos.

This goes double for 5G technology. Experts are adamant that it will push live gambling to the max thanks to faster speeds and loading times. With 5G, bandwidth drops will become a thing of the past, and that can be a game-changer for live casinos and games.

Of course, AR and VR gambling is the next step, and for that to happen, we need fast and reliable 5G networks. Virtual gambling is an exciting idea when you think of it, and we’re sure it’ll be a blast when it comes to live casinos. The same goes for AR, which is already in development.

The online gambling sector, more specifically the live casino industry, has been a great testing ground for new tech. We can expect great new things to come out of it, and many of them should hit the market pretty soon.

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