How Lighting Enhance Your Mood And Make You Feel Relax

Everyone knows that poor lighting can affect eyesight, mainly if you use it to read or watch something. Sure, lighting can be aesthetic and functional, but the effects of illumination extend beyond what you might think in diverse ways. There’s enough scientific proof that suggests that your lighting has a far-reaching impact on your mood.

Different researchers investigated the impact ambiance light has on emotions, mental health, and general wellbeing. The findings of these studies show that manipulating the lighting in your living or working space can either agitate or relax you. For instance, a bright sunny morning brings with it a sense of happiness and optimism.

So how do you go about using lighting to your advantage if you want to feel calm and relax? First, you have to learn how it impacts your outlook and how your emotional state changes as per your lighting.

Whether it’s LED track lighting kits or different color candles, here are six ways different lightings can affect your mood.

1.   Dimmer Lights Promote Quality Sleep

Are you struggling to relax for a good night’s sleep? The problem might be your lighting. The brain perceives dark surroundings, and your pineal gland will jump into action by producing melatonin to induce sleep. This also regulates your sleep cycle. Hence, spending your evenings in bright light can disrupt your sleep-wake cycle and negatively affect your quality of sleep.

You can expect this to have a profound effect on your mood the next day. So to help you wind down at night, get rid of bright light, and use dimmer lights. Apart from this, you should also avoid the use of gadgets like phones and laptops. Studies indicate that these devices emit short-wavelength blue light, disturbing your circadian rhythm and rendering sleep more difficult.

2.   Bright Lighting Brings Warmth

If you’re feeling stressed and cold, you can consider bright lighting coupled with warm color schemes because studies show that these can make people feel warmer, although the room temperature doesn’t change. This simple hack can come in handy on any cold day. However, you need to be aware that the increased feeling of warmth will also heighten any other emotions you might be having.

For instance, if you’re happy, sad, excited, or anxious, bright light will increase these feelings too. Simply put, bright light will make you feel physically warmer and intensify your present emotional state, whatever it may be.

3.   Natural Light Wards Off Depression

Recent research demonstrated the connection between the human circadian rhythm, sunlight, and mood. Those suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) have feelings of depression in the fall and winter. This is due to a drop in their serotonin levels caused by the lower sunlight during these seasons.

Although you might not have SAD, limited exposure to sunlight can similarly affect your circadian rhythm and melatonin levels, leading to sleep deprivation. To help you relax the mood in your home and let in more natural light, clean your windows to enable more light to get through them. Next, position mirrors close to or opposite your windows to direct more light into your rooms.

4.   Twinkle Lights And Candles Bring Cozy Feelings

There are few places like your home, and you should be able to relax when you get home after a hard day’s work. Giving your living space a touch of personality, style, and taste also means getting creative with the type of lights you use. The standard options are desk and floor lamps that come in colors and designs that complement the rest of your interior decor.

However, you can use other light sources like candles, night lights, twinkle lights, and DIY jar lamps to make your home a lot cozier. The warmth and coziness these lights bring to home make it easier to relax.

5.   Bright Light Can Improve Focus

Bright light at the right time and in the right amount can produce positive effects. This doesn’t mean you should go for harsh fluorescent lights. However, using a safe form of bright light, especially when you want to be productive, can help you relax and prioritize whatever task is before you.

Being alert and concentrated requires brainpower, and bright light triggers your brain and boosts serotonin levels, which are good for concentration. Those working from home should have the right ambient lighting, in this case, a bright light that will energize them. Some types of lights to consider are LED or halogen lights.


It’s without a doubt that lighting has diverse effects on your mind. Whether it’s your eating pattern or your hormonal cycle, several aspects of human behavior are impacted by some form of lighting. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to stick to the type of lighting that makes your life and mindset healthier and happier.

Usually, this means maintaining a moderate level of lighting. Preferably, this should be natural lighting as its effects are mostly positive. Hence, you should spend at least a few minutes in the morning sun each day or find ways to get more of it into your living space.

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