How Innovation and AI are Making Video Creation Better


Innovations in Artificial intelligence (AI) have profoundly altered the dynamics of video creation. It has had an impact on the video creation industry, as users can now easily make and edit videos with the aid of AI.

You might be surprised to learn that AI has become one of the most important technologies and the most in-demand tools for making videos. This is because AI can do things that humans can’t, like respond, detect, adapt, and act.

simpleshow, one of the leading video creation tools, just launched its brand new website and recently tapped even further into the power of AI by introducing an intelligent Timing Engine that analyzes any speech to generate flawlessly timed videos. 

Users no longer have to worry about timing their voiceovers to match the actions in their videos, thanks to the addition of a new language processing function called “Timing Engine.” The intelligent technology synchronizes the time of speech with animations and works in over 20 languages.

Seamlessly integrating video and audio in simpleshow video maker

Seamlessly integrating video and audio in simpleshow video maker

Few aspects of conventional post-production are as time-consuming as synchronizing audio and visuals. Whether it’s manually altering sound levels, modifying language timing to match creators’ speech, or attempting to mix music and sound effects, the process may be time-consuming and resource-intensive. simpleshow has also enhanced the procedure here while also enhancing the video quality. This new function automatically removes undesired jump cuts and stops, making each transition smooth. The function smartly turns down the volume of the background music so that it doesn’t drown out the conversation.

More video, faster, at higher quality with simpleshow video maker

Video creators can keep up with customers’ insatiable appetites for quality content thanks to simpleshow’s AI-powered solutions. These technologies make making videos faster and easier, and they don’t have a steep learning curve. This means that editors can focus on being creative while the technology takes care of the time-consuming and sometimes boring tasks. 

Where simpleshow is with AI right now is just the beginning. Some of these AI-powered devices are still in the early phases of development. More breakthroughs will undoubtedly emerge, positioned to boost video content creation even further. It’s an exciting time for the creative minds that drive the video industry, and simpleshow is here to keep innovating, moving forward, and making sure that our creative customers’ ideas come to life.

How AI make video creation better? 

The problem of increasing visibility, traffic quality, and conversion rate is constantly relevant for any modern brand. Most of the time, only a few options are suggested, like writing a lot of articles, making titles that get people’s attention, and filling the texts with keywords.

The benefits of regular blog posting on your website are undeniable, but they may not be enough to make you the market favorite and attract even more relevant traffic. Using an AI video generator to produce dynamic videos can be the key to going above and beyond. Videos are more interesting and likely to get people’s attention than plain text.

An AI video is generally easier and faster to create, and the creator does not need any special knowledge. Furthermore, an AI video usually includes an AI avatar, which allows you to take advantage of having a person in your video—after all, people are more likely to stay and listen if they relate to the person delivering information—another human. There is no need to look for actors or go through the time-consuming filming process with AI avatars.

Here are three ways AI is improving video creation

Increasing levels of engagement

It goes without saying that the more visitors who engage with your content and stay for a longer period of time, the better. Using videos instead of text, or at least videos with text, allows you to make your content more engaging. By incorporating videos, you ensure that your content can be consumed on the go, such as in the morning while eating breakfast, during a break, especially on a busy day, or simply when one is too lazy to read. Simply put, you are eliminating all potential strains; all you have to do now is sit back and watch.

Easy access to multilingual audiences

While English is an international language and is commonly used when addressing a global audience, addressing your prospects in their native language can be even more effective. Normally, the process of translating and re-narrating a video is expected to be costly and time-consuming. However, with the right AI video creation tool, such as simpleshow, this process can be completed in a matter of minutes. simpleshow’s auto-translation feature and multiple language support will have you multilingual in no time.

Increasing your usual audience

Certain types of media are better suited to certain people. It can all be influenced by broad factors such as age, gender, and country of origin, as well as more specific and narrow ones such as hobbies. By incorporating AI-based explainer videos into your pages, you allow a larger audience to interact with your content and learn more about your product. Some may begin by just enjoying the work outcomes of a smart AI job and then get interested in your products by the end of the video.

In a Nutshell

You will be able to create videos utilizing powerful in-house video editors and AI technology, as they can generate short videos in only a few minutes. The best part is that you won’t have to worry about music or other tools because they instantly address all of your editing challenges. AI video creation tools are powerful and intelligent enough to create and edit short videos to your specifications. You can customize your videos with the help of the simpleshow video maker tool, which offers you many ways to do so.


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