How Important is the Exact Frame Size for your Eyeglasses And How to Find It?

Frame Size for your Eyeglasses

You can’t pick a pair of glasses just because it looks excellent in the showcase of the optician. There are a lot of factors that affect the accuracy of eyeglasses for you. You have to check if the frame perfectly fits you. It suits your face shape and is comfortable. The selection of the perfect eyeglasses may prove challenging to you, especially if you are doing it for the first time. 

If you already have a perfect frame for your prescription glasses, but the lenses are worn out, or the prescription is changed, you may be wondering can lenses be changed in frames. For your information, this service is readily available at some famous and reliable optic stores online. Overnight Glasses, Warby Parker, Eye Buy Direct, are a few of them. No matter if you are buying your glasses online or from a store nearby, the size of the frame matters a lot. 

We’ve come up with a list of things you must keep in mind while choosing the size of the frame.

Select the Frame Size Wisely

One of the essential factors in choosing the best frame is its size. Either too big or too small structures crash your personality. Maybe you are fond of extra oversized frames, but these heavy frames are very uncomfortable. Moreover, larger frames make your eyes look smaller.

While choosing the exact size, make sure that the lenses cover 80 to 90 percent of your area of vision. Improper sizes of your eyeglass frames result in focus deviation from the optical center of the lens pupil. This may result in affecting your eyesight. Hence, your frame size is important not only for your looks but also for your eyesight.

If you are facing problems adjusting to your glasses, size might be one of the various factors.

Reading on Temple Arms

Sizes of eyeglasses are usually mentioned on the temples of frames. They help your optician to choose the perfect size for you. These sizes range from 135mm to 150 mm. For the best-fitted size, check the temple size on your current pair of glasses. If you think this size is short for you, you can switch to frames with 145mm to 150 mm. Similarly, if the frame size is too long for you, switch to the frame with a length of 135 mm to 140 mm.

Width of the Nose Bridge

Nose Bridge aids the frame to stay still and look pretty on your face. The structure with the perfect distance between both lenses will distribute the weight of the frame evenly. It will reduce the stress on the inner and outer side of the eye and will avoid dripping down the glasses.

The bridge width of the glasses is stamped on the inner side of the left temple. It ranges from 16 mm to 21 mm. If the current pair of eyeglasses are tighter on the nose and raised high on your face, switch to a broader frame. Similarly, switch to a narrower bridge width if the frame slips down from your nose and tends to stay low on your face.

The thickness of the frame also affects the bridge width of the frame. If you choose thick frames, their width should be higher as compared to the thinner frames. If you are trying to change the frame of your eyeglasses, note the bridge width comparison between the thick and thin frames.

How to Identify the Perfect Frame Size?

You can identify whether an  eyeglasses frame size is perfect or not based on the following characteristics:

  • While using a frame size, if your eyes are 90% centered in the lens opening, this size is perfect.
  • If you are feeling comfortable and the weight of the glasses is evenly distributed on the nose bridge, this size is precise.
  • One of the essential facts is that the exact size will exhibit the frame temples that smoothly touch the sides of your head. You will not experience any pressure or a large gap between your head and the temples. 
  • By putting the right size on, you will be able to move, sit and bend freely. You will not have a fear of your glasses slipping down your nose.
  • The temples of the frames are long enough to secure the glasses by adjusting on the side of the head after crossing your ears. This size will give you a perfect and comfortable fit.
  • An experienced and skilled optician will help you in getting the precise frame size for you. However, you may need some additional adjustments in the frame. For example, if your frame is pinching your nose, your optician can change the nose pads for your ease.


Picking the perfect size of your frame may prove challenging, but if you follow some simple steps, you can get rid of uncomfortable, slipping frames of your prescription lenses. These steps will also guide about the right size of the prescription glasses.


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