How HR Managers Can Boost Workforce Morale In The Pandemic Era

Keeping your employees happy should be the top priority because it ensures high productivity and loyalty for your organization. Workforce morale becomes all the more crucial in the current scenario when stress and anxieties are rampant. There are pressures of remote work, apprehensions about job loss, and financial issues due to pay cuts. The only way to keep your people comfortable and confident through such challenging times is by investing in morale-boosting measures. Fortunately, there is much that HR managers can do to lend a hand to employees and bring optimism for them in the pandemic era. Here are some measures you can implement right now without spending a fortune.

Encourage open communication

Now that most businesses have decided to embrace remote working for the long haul, an open line of communication becomes vital. Since employees will not be in the office, giving them enough room to express their views, opinions, and problems, fosters trust and loyalty. You should also create a positive environment that encourages them to speak during meetings and connect with HR managers one-to-one if they need to. It is equally important to set clear expectations and tell them that they can discuss issues without fearing reprisal. Just telling them that you are there is enough to lift the morale of your workforce.

Build positive work values and culture

When it comes to boosting workforce morale, nothing matters more than building positive work values and employee-friendly company culture. You cannot rely only on incentives, perks, and free food to make people happy. Rather, a positive culture keeps them connected and loyal as long as they work with your company. In the new normal, positive culture is all about fostering trust with the employees and assuring them that you care about their physical, financial, and emotional well-being.

Understand employee challenges

Right now, your employees will be facing unprecedented challenges, and helping them overcome these challenges can go a long way in keeping up their morale. Having an expert HR manager with a psychology degree is a great idea because these professionals are able to assess the needs and problems of employees and address them effectively. A professional with corporate experience is ideal for the role.  They are in a better position to comprehend employee problems in the organizational landscape. Going the extra mile to resolve workers’ issues shows that you care, and it has a positive impact on their morale.

Encourage employee feedback

While HR managers can use their skills and experience for pinpointing workforce issues in the pandemic era, asking them directly also helps. Encourage regular employee feedback to get a clear idea of the problems they face as they work from home or come to the workplace in the new normal. Things are not going to be the same, so getting first-hand inputs about the issues they face enables you to deal with them faster and more effectively. Employees, too, should be honest and clear with their opinions so that managers can resolve their concerns at the earliest.

Realign your recognition program

While you may already have an employee recognition program in place, you will need to realign them with the changing circumstances. Even as people work remotely, appreciating them for good work is vital. It is a tad more important to recognize them to keep them going despite the challenges and distractions of working from home. Create a system to assess their performance and reward the performers. Recognize their contributions through individual emails, appreciate in team meetings, and incentivize them with rewards. Also, help people who aren’t doing well as it is quite normal for people to struggle with the challenges and stress of the situation.

Prioritize employee mental wellness

Boosting employee morale amid the pandemic is also about prioritizing their mental wellness. It is perhaps the most challenging and stressful time for professionals, and employers must do their bit to help them stay sane. Remote work deprives them of office interactions and team activities, so give them opportunities to connect with peers and teams virtually. Having virtual team-building activities is a great way to keep people closely-knitted. Not only does it promote mental well-being, but you can also expect a performance and productivity boost for the team.

High employee morale can go a long way in keeping your business thriving, even during a crisis like the one that organizations are facing right now. At such times, people play a crucial role in keeping businesses afloat, so they should invest in morale-building without second thoughts, no matter what it takes.


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