How Gaming Giant VGW Have Taken Over the Social Gaming Space


The gaming industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry and one that does not appear to be showing any signs of decline or stagnation. In fact, it could be argued that it is showing the exact opposite.

With gaming being an incredibly competitive niche, the market has become extremely difficult to conquer for many developers. However, there is no denying that there are certain organizations that have been able to dominate certain spheres.

VGW Holdings – which are also known as Virtual Gaming Worlds – are just one example of a brand that has managed to take over one niche within the entire sector, as the Australian firm has managed to make the social gaming space its own.

Who are VGW Holdings?

With a workforce that consists of over 1,300 employees and stands strong with its head office in Perth, Western Australia, VGW Holdings is a company that has a number of reputable brands within its catalog.

Chumba Casino, Global Poker, and LuckyLand Slots are among the top brands under its umbrella, and one reason why they have been able to make each of these successful is the model that they use. A freemium model has been adopted, and despite the fact Chumba Casino faces some stiff competition from other sites, it continues to remain highly popular with players in legal locations.

As part of the model, players are able to play for free and have the ability to purchase more gold coins that allows them to keep playing. The sweep coins that are then collected by playing the games available on the sites owned by VGW can then be used and converted into real-world prizes or be used to continue playing the vast collection of social games that are available.

Why has VGW managed to conquer the social gaming niche?

As highlighted, the Chumba Casino brand is one that has proven to be extremely popular with players already. This is just one of the main reasons why the overall operator has been able to conquer the social gaming market within the gaming industry.

Many continue to enjoy the experiences that Chumba Casino provides, and its established site makes it more appealing. Additionally, the games that are offered also help VGW to remain at the top of the industry in this particular market niche.

The array of social games made available to players have been designed to copy and mimic the classic traditional online casino games and table games that can be found and accessed with real money. However, the ones offered on a sweepstake casino offer gamers the chance to play with virtual currency, rather than playing with their actual money and wagering what they have.

Essentially, these games provide players with everything a gambling title can offer – including the emotions and authentic moments that can be experienced – but without any of the real risks that can be associated when wagering with money. 

VGW has not stopped trying to maintain its position as the No. 1 brand

It could have been very easy for the gaming giant to get to the top of the social gaming market and remain content with its position. There has been no sign of them resting on their laurels, though. In 2020, the company spent a reported $81 million on advertising to help keep them at the top and no doubt that figure has been eclipsed over the last few years.

VGW has worked tirelessly to ensure players are always getting the best gaming sessions when playing these types of titles. One way in which they have done this is by continually creating new and exciting titles while bringing new innovations to existing classics. Continuing to develop and create new options has helped the company to remain at the top and ahead of its competition.

The brand also looks to implement various promotions and rewards which have acted as incentives in the past. As they continue to incentivize players to use their sites, the company has naturally been able to boost its profile and capture more of the market.

The Australian company has also looked to continue to push on with expansion over the years, too. The organization has been entering markets where it has been possible to provide its products while also capitalizing on new trends and opportunities that present themselves.

Will VGW remain at the top and dominate social gaming?

VGW clearly has a dominant position in the social gaming niche and one that they appear to have a firm grip on. While there is no denying that there is strong levels of competition for its brands, it is clear that the company is doing everything in its power to remain at the top and make sure it stays there.

As social gaming continues to emerge and enjoy a boost in popularity, it would not be a surprise to see other challengers. But, would any of them really ever challenge the position of VGW? At this moment in time, that does seem rather unlikely.

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